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  • Wednesday, 12 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 12th July 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with

    Kartik is angry and He is taking Out his anger Naira came and asked Searching charger Its on table
    He Goes and Angrily Put on charging
    Naira told him to calm He Retorted How can I You Saw howz he was shouting Actully his Ego was Hurt becoz he doesn’t Know here his Wife is Sending Money How he was Behaving
    Naira Said Why not if someone Talk to me Like this Wont you support me
    He Stands up and Said You wont understand 

    She Said No kartik You wont Understand and She Hugs him and Said calm Down kartik Calm Down
    He Hugs her Back and Shared That This is What I am Seeing from Childhood That’s why I don’t want to Live here
    Naira Hugs him Manish and Suwarna Hugs Each other and Manish is trying to Console her But she is worried that Naira Saw that Doll and Kartik Saw that papers why Everything is comin out one By one
    Dadi is tensed and she Is about to take Medicine but naira goes inside and Told her not to take Medicine she Seat beside her and Press her head with her hands
    Dadi asked About Kartik..Naira Said He is Okay and Calm and Dadi Said So is manish
    Naira Told her to sleep Now

    Kartik comes to mirror and Saw Everywhere Smiley On Mirror On Deo and On Comb too
    She comes to him and Kissed on Cheeks
    He Hugs her and Said I will Miss You..She teased him that Don’t Miss me I am Mrs
    He Laughs and Hugs her Again
    Here Manish is Sitting in hall Dadi asked wont you go office he Said I will Go after sometime
    Kartik came and Goes With Akhilesh ..they left Dadi Asked Manish about Suwarna
    He  informed her that she is not okay Kartik has Doubt and Dadi Left from there Naira listen this
    And She Got idea

    She Goes to Manish and Stated asking him That She makes Awesome Pan cakes he Denies 3-4Times But Naira is Insisting again and Again and Gave Up..She Happily runs to kitchen to prepare
    Here Sulekhna Reminds Dadi again About Naksh-Kirthi But Dadi scold her
    There Naira got message and She asked dadi That She Has some work for that She has to Go Singhania House
    Sulekhna Said Take Kirthi with You..1st Kirthi Said No But naira Insisted Dadi Smiles at Sulekhna and She Said I will come with You too we will do Shopping..Suddenly Dadi Insisted to come with too also Sulekhna Said That Pack This and That For Naksh ..Naira Suspect something is Fishy here

    There Mishti Teased Dadi Bua Saa…She Said That You all will be angry with me Like This
    Bhabhi maa Said No one is Angry with You
    Dadi Bua Sa Said That I wont say anything Just Told That Dadi Not to tease me
    Gayu Informed that naira is Coming with Whole team Dadi Kirthi Sulekhna all are coming
    All are surprised  To listen
    Here Kirthi is About to send Naksh one wedding pic but Stopped Dadi come to room and Saw her Lost

    They Reached Singhania House and Greets with All
    Naksh Comes to Take Dadi’s Blessing who Blessed him so Much Naira Looks at her
    Sulekhna Praised Naksh That You are Looking very handsome why ??
    He Stunned and Said No Nothing Like This..Dadi Nudged Sulekhna to stop
    Naira and Gayu Looks at Each other that Something Suspicious
    Servants come with so Many Things and All Singhanias are Looking at Dadi She Said Little for Kids
    And Sulekhna Said This Roasted Seeds for Naksh You Like That So Much This is only for You naksh Stares at her
    Love Kush Run to take that From naksh and About to say something but Dadi Stopped Them
    Here they all Sit and Naira asked where is Bua Dadi ??
    Divyani said she is taking rest Should I call her..Bua Dadi Secretly saw this behind the Pillar
    DaDi Stopped her and said let her take Rest I am here for some time I wont go without meeting her
    All Stunned to listen this Naksh Asked Naira what happened to her
    Love Kush Said they want to eat Gayu Comes with Kachori Love Kush take one-one and they asked Dadi wont you eat Kachori ??
    All Stunned But They got More Shocked When Dadi said yes I will Eat and She Takes one
    All ladies Told her that This have Aloo Masala and fried in Ghee..Dadi said Means This will be Tasty and she Eats and Praised that This is so tasty
    Naksh-Gayu teased Naira That Something will gonna Happen here
    Naira takes Dadi’s Video and Send it to Kartik who Shocked to see Video he calls Her and Asked how did this happened How she is Eating kachori
    She Said yes She is Eating He Said I Think Our Day will be Turned so Soon
    They teased each other More

    Here Love Kush asked to play and Dadi Said yes Go Go I will talk with others
    Here Naira Shocked Dadi bua Saa and She Said I wont go with You Your Dadi will Offend
    Naira takes her and When Dadi Meet her Sweetly by Saying radhe-krishna
    All Shocked and Looks at Dadi Who asked Dadi bua Saa Are You complted Your Sleep
    Didn’t We Disturbed Your Nap
    She Said No and they all Sit and Started talking
    Kids are having Good Time and Kirthi is Laughing Too…Dadi is So happy to see her Like This
    Dadi Asked Bhabhi maa that Did You Saw Any girl for Lakshya
    She Said SO many proposal are coming but he didn’t say yes Wo don’t know whats in his heart
    Here Kirthi is Playing so well and All Praised Kirthi
    Dadi Said Sulekhna that You were right This House Naira’s Brother is Right for Kirthi
    They saw naira is Watching them

    Precap : Kartik-Naira is having chocolate in Kicthen at Night and Dadi is shouting on Sulekhna that She should Talk to naksh First

    Kartik asked naira Did Dadi Took Naksh’s Name 

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