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  • Tuesday, 11 July 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya kahlata Hai 11th July 2017 Written Update

    Kirthi is Sticking Coin to Stone and naira asked Did This Trick Bhai taught You See Said yes
    Naksh came and tried but his Coin is Not Sticking and He Tried again but failed But Kirthi Give her finger and Coin Stick on Stone
    Dadi is admiring Them Laughing
    Bhabhi Maa causally said they both will Get marry Soon and Dadi Shocked But Bhabhi Ma continued that we are Searching for Naksh and You too Start for Kirthi

    Naira Kirthi and Naksh came back and Naksh takes Blessing of Dadi and To All Surprise Dadi Blessed Naksh with So many words Naksh Surprised and Left
    Here Naira gets Manish Message In Formal way That Kartik is not Focusing on work do something
    Naira reached Office and Pull him to chair and Make Him Seat on chair and Said Sorry But he is Not Listening and Shouting on her
    Naira Make Him wear Black Specs and Drive him to Confress room where Manish and Akhilesh are Discussing Over something

    Here they Reached and Kartik is Shoutimg and Manish Switched on the Light
    Kaira Embarrassed and Manish and Akhilesh left
    Kartik Shouts on her that You Create This Scene and he About to Go out But she Said I will pacify
    She Started Dance on Accha Ji Main haari chalo Maan Jaao Na
    And She Tried to Say Sorry and So Many Stunts and Dance all over the Office But Kartik is Still angry
    They Both Perform on Accha Ji main chali maan jaao

    In the End he tried to catch her but She Runs away

    Here Suwarna helps Love Kush By finding his Specs and She Gave Example That Sometime we are Searching Elese where but Thing is near us
    Dadi Listen this and All The Scenes of Naksh and Kirthi and Bhabhi maa’s words are  Floating around her  

    Sulekhna Asked Dadi Are You thinking about Naksh and Kirthi I have noticed this From temple  we have waste So Much Time
    Dadi is Stunned
    Here Naira is running in office and Kartik is chasing her But She collided with Peon and Some Papers Fell from peon’s Hand Kartik reached to help Naira to Gather papers but Kartik read Those Paper and He is shocked to read That Suwarna is Donating Lot of Money to Charity
    He Calls Account department and he asked About this
    Person Said That this is her personal Account and she is Sending Money from past 19 years
    Naira is Saying Leave This Matter But he Searched on internet and Got No charity From this Name and He Shouted on Naira that She is not what she showed And Now You Listen to me I will reveal this to Front of family Specially Mr Goenka
    Naira Thinks That I Know Some Strong reason But how can I make Kartik Understand this
    Here Kartik Said Lest Go home and Find Out from Herself
    Naira Got chance and She Argued That Why are You getting So Interested when You don’t have anything To her and Nor Mr Goenka

    Kartik Understands This and They Left But manish Listen all This and he is shocked to Listen this
    He Reached Home and he Said Suwarna Kartik and Naira Have some Question in their Mind Answer them
    Suwarna looks at Him and Kaira looks at Manish too
    Suwarna asked what Do You mean..manish Said I don’t have any doubt on You Just answer them Why You Send Money to this NGO…Suwarna Stunned listen this She held papers and manish Shouted Answer them..Naira tried to Intefere By Saying Papa leave This but he Showed his hand to her To Stop
    Kartik comes Forward and Said that Mr Goenka I Got those papers and Some Questio Rises in My Mind and Naira made me understand Thing That I don’t have any Involvement so I understand Now You Leave This matter and he about to Drag Naira with Him But Manish Stopped them and Said if you have Question then I wont let You leave Without answer he Looks at Suwarna and Shouted Answer That Suwarna
    Kartik shouted on Him that I don’t want to listen anything Just leave This
    Manish Shouted if You accused then Listen Answer too
    Both are shouting on Each Other But Dadi interfere and Said Stop you two I am Alive and You are Fighting over This
    Kartik left and Manish Too

    Precap : Dadi At Singhania House with Kirthi Sulekhna and Niara too
    Dadi asked Bhabhi that if they started Searching Girl for Naksh She Replies that yes we are getting So many proposal But he is not saying yes

    Dadi Saw Kirthi is Playing with other and seems so Happy she Shared with Sulekhna That For Kithi This House and People are perfect Naira listen this and Stunned 

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