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  • Tuesday, 25 July 2017

    Shivaay Makes Anika Jealous By saying Ragini to Tie Knot Ishqbaaaz SBAS 25th July Video WU

    Written Update : Shivaay-Anika Tashan Shivaay Makes her Jealous 

    Segment Start with Shivaay-Omkara-Rudra is Cooking and Shivaay is Chopping Vegetable
    Rudra is Blabbering and Irritating OMkara and Shivaay By His Jokes and omkara is Frying Something

    Shivaay Is Missing Pari So he take Out His Phone and Opens Pari’s Pic Three Brothers Peep in His Phone and Next Scene Anika Enters To Scene and ask Them What are they Making   
    She Sees them watching in Phone she Put Her hands on Shivaay’s shoulder and Peep into Phone too

    She Sees pari’s pic and She Is so happy and She Says Awwww so Cute and She Actually Pinch Pari’s Cheeks in Phone (Really I mean OMG Lol )
    Shivaay Looks at her and Says So finally You Know How to Say Awwwwww

    She Glares him and he says My Apron’s Knot is Open Tie It..
    She Goes Behind to Tie But Same Time Ragini Enters in Kitchen and She Ask did I came Wrong Time

    Rudra Says Always on Wrong time and even You make Right time To wrong Anika who is Watchinh her Shivaay Take Advantage and make Anika Jealous By Saying Ragini to come and Tie a Knot

    Anika Gives her Space and she Eventually takes Time and Toe Knot Anika Left from There
    Rudra Too Sulk and Left

    Next Scene Omkara is Eating and Teasing Rudra

    Must watch This Segment  


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