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  • Friday, 21 July 2017

    Riya Taunted Avni Neil is happy Because of Avni Naamkarann U me Tv 21st July Video WU

    Written Update : Naamkarann U me Tv 21st July 
    Segment Start with Anika is Talking to Her self That She has to convince Neil  for Go to Honeymoon with her

    Bacause She has To Make Her relation With Shweta Aunty
    She Says In her Interview that I have To convince Neil for Honeymoon because Shweta Aunty Told me

    That Out relation will be Good when You take Him with You to Honeymoon

    But Scene Shows That Neil Denies and Avni Felt So bad
    On The Other Side Riya comes to Avni and She says I Really Felt Bad for You How Neil told No for Honeymoon in front of everyone

    Neil is coming And AVni Got chance To Say and she says Loud That I am Just asking Neil because Bebe and Shweta Aunty wants to Go She Says Loud so that Neil Listen This

    Next Scene Neil comes out of Room in Very Jolly Mood and He Collides with His father who asks him Reason Behind His Smile

    And he Says when Early Morning Your wife Buttering up You and You Know That

    And they Laughs

    Must watch this Segment 

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