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  • Saturday, 15 July 2017

    Neil's Pain for Avni He Cried for her Naamkaran Saas bahu aur Saasizh 15th July Video WU

    Segment Start with Neil collapse on the Floor near Bed in his Room
    His Eyes are feel with Rage and Fully Red

    He has Tears of Pain..Pain Who Avni gave Him Pain of Loving Avni
    His Hands rest on Floor and he is watching His Photo with avni

    He Takes That Photo frame and Glare and Throw It Back

    He Stands Up and Goes to Mirror He Place his forehead and Looks at Himself

    Reporter Says That Neil’s heart Break because Avni
    Reporter continued that Neil Only Saw Avni’s Fault he didn’t saw Betrayal in Ali’s eyes

    Reporter Says That Someday Ago You Trusted AVni and Stood by Him when Her and Ali’s Photo were leaked Now what happen to Your Big Talks ?

    There AVni is Saying Same To Bebe That She is Not at any fault There is Nothing Between her and Ali

    No One belive on her So She is Leaving House
    Scene Showed Neil’s and Reporter is saying Go and Stop her Neil

    Watch This Superb Video

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