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  • Sunday, 16 July 2017

    Neil Scolds Bebe and Shweta Avni is Back Naamkarann SBB 16th July Video WU

    Segment Start with Neil come to Know That His Bebe.Mother and whole Family Insulted Avni/Ananya and asked her to Prove Her Innocence 

    Now She left The House and He Has No clue where She is 

    He Himself made a Plan and Exposed Riya and Avni is innocent But His Family did Insulted her and Because of That She Left Him 

    He is Scolding His Family and he Told Bebe That what You do today that Maa always Did  

    Bebe Realized her Mistake and Tried to Say Sorry and Folds her Hand In front of Neil

    Who Said If You want to Say Sorry Say This To Ananya when You will meet Her

    he takes Out his Phone to Ask Any information about AVni

    same Time Avni comes with neela who came to Drop her

    Neil Rush to her and Hugs her In his Arms 

    Avni Says That I come After i Saw neela Maa and Neil's Love 
    She Says My respect for Neil Rise More After This 
    Neela Maa told me Something that i cant tell You 

    All The Family Apologies to her 

    Must watch Their Hug and All the Drama 

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