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  • Friday, 21 July 2017

    Neil Mistakenly Said No for Honey-Moon Naamkarann Tellytop 21st July Video WU

    Written Update : Naamkarann Tellytop 21st July 

    Segment Start with Neil Avni and all Family at Dinning table and

    Shweta is Saying That You Two are Newly Married and we should send You Both To Honeymoon
    Neil who is Sipping water Choked and he wants to Say Something But Mistakenly he says No No NO

    And Avni is Upset But She too Says No No Its Okay we don’t want to Go

    Next Scene is Riya comes to Avni and Showing fake Condolence that She too felt Bad for her That Neil This Way Said No in front of Everyone

    Neil is Passing By and Avni Says in Loud Voice so he will Listen And she says That I didn’t even Want to Go But I agreed for  Shweta Aunty and Bebe

    Neil Listen this and Went Inside the Room
    Avni left too and Riya calls Ali and Informed him all and 

    because all This is her Plan with Shweta to Send them happily to Honey-mOon but When they come They come Apart

    In Their Interview Neil Says That This All is This Girl (riya Seated Beside him ) and My Mom Also Involve

    Must watch this Segment 

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