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  • Saturday, 15 July 2017

    Neil come Home in Drunk State Shweta Blamed AVni Naamkaran U me Tv 15th July Video WU

    Segment start Where Neil comes Home in Drunk condition and Riya is Supporting him

    He is Not in His Sense and He is Leaning on Riya who are Acting Like Supporting him 

    Shweta Shocked to see Him Like This But she Got Chace to Taunt Avni

    She comes to neel and Asked are You Drunk What is Your condition and She (Pointed to Avni ) is Responsible for this condition You have Ruined My Son

    Bebe wants to Support Avni so She Told Avni to prove her Innocence

    She Agrees and She comes to her room and she Skips her Food and She decided That will Eat

    After Only When She Will Prove herself

    Amol comes with Food and Tried to Convince her But She Says she will eat later

    She Goes to collect Proof But She Comes home without Any Proof
    Shweta Taunted Her that She came Home Without any proof that means she is Not Innocent

    Now What will do With Here Bebe..Bebe is shocked and she is Speechless  

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