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  • Sunday, 23 July 2017

    Neil-Avni's Romance In Pool Naamkarann Saas Bahu Saasizh 23rd July Video WU

    Written Update : Neil-Avni's Pool Romance Saas Bahu aur Saasizh 23rd July 
    Segment Start with

    Avni and Neil Lost In Each Other at Pool’s edge and They Lost Balanace and Fall In Pool

    But Still They Are Not Come Out of Each Other
    Nail Slowly Tugs Her Hair Behind Her Ear
    He is Looking at her Eyes and She is Lost In His Caramel Eye
    Suddenly She Lost her Balance in Pool and About to Fall But Neil Holds her Tight

    Reporter says That Neil is Lost Like in Avni’s That He Forgets For What Mission He Has come here
    He Came Here to Solve The Humun Trafficking Case

    Neil has This Mission But Avni has Only One Thing to do That To irritate Neil and Plays Pranks On Him
    She Shouts From Near That Pool That She is Drowning and Neil Comes and Takes Out His Shoes and Jump In The Pool

    Avni is Laughing So Hard So See Him Like This with Another Police men who is Laughing On Neil Too

    He Runs Towards Avni and They Fall In Pool and Lost In Each other
    Neil’s Interview : He is Having Fun in Swimming We are Giving So Much Money on Out doors Shoots

    Reporter Says and Shows Scene where Riya and Ali are watching Them In Pool and Lost In Each Other

    Must watch this Segment   

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