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  • Tuesday, 18 July 2017

    Neil-Avni Ka Water Wala Love Naamkarann 18th July Video WU

    Segment Start with Neil is Sleeping On The Couch and Avni comes with Water Jar and  Spilled the Water from Jar on neil’s Face

    Who Jerked Opens His Eyes and Set Up and Shocked That AVni did This

    He Tried to take Jar from Her Hand and In This Process More Water Spilled on His Face

    He takes The Remaning water and Runs Behind Avni But She is Running from here to There From
    Bed to couch Everywhere and Neil is Just Running Behind her

    Neil’s Interview : He Says That Avni wanted to Say Thank you But I was Already Slept So Gets Irritated But Those Butterflies In her Stomach wants to Say Thanks Right That Time so she Poured water from Jar On My Face

    Some Scene where Avni is Drying His Hair with Towel and he Is Like Obedient child Enjoying all This   
    One Scene where He Turns her around  and Hold her Arms

    Neil’s Interview : After Water Pouring We Did So Much Masti to catch and Run from Each Other Then we Get tired and Slept

    Must watch this Segment 

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