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  • Wednesday, 12 July 2017

    Naira's Kiss On Kartik's Cheeks Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai Bhabhi tera Devar dewaana 12th July Video WU

    Segment Start with Kartik Goes to Infront of Mirror and he Sees Naira have Made Smiley on Mirror

    And he Sees Naira In Mirror and She Indicates Him to Show His Smile with her Hands

    On Every Thing on dressing Table She Stick Small Smiley Everywhere

    He Takes Comb in his hand and sees Smiley their too

    She Even Made Smiley By Lipstick

    She Walks to Him and Kissed him on Cheeks

    Why She did That We Already informed You In U me Tv Segment 

     Scene Is after yesterday's Episode where Kartik and Manish had Huge argument and Dadi Jumped Between to solve their issue 

    But Kartik comes to his Room In Anger Naira Follows Him to Room where he is taking out his anger on Some Papers Naira Reached to Him and He Shouted Not on her But On Manish that 

    Why he is Dragging Things again and again I Already Told there that I dont have To do Anything why he was Shouting On me 

    He Sat on Bed and Naira Seat with Him and Try to make Him understand that Suwarna is Papa's wife and If someone Said Anything against His wife he will react Like This Just assume me That Someone Behaving With me Like that what Will You do ?? 

    You will react like this he Understand and she Hugs him and Try to Make His Anger Calm 

    next Scene Dadi reached To Singhania House with So many Gifts and She Goes There Beacuse she Think that This is Perfect House for Kirthi and Naksh is Perfect for Kirthi

    Must watch This Video 

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