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  • Wednesday, 19 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th July Written Update

    Episode Start with

    Dev is In His cabin and sona come to Him and  he ask Do You Like Celebration she says Something But Dev Interrupted that You Thinks so much Women Matters

    She says You have so Much women’s Experience
    He comes near her and says I have three Sister one Daughter and I am Poor alone
    Sona Replied Poor Men Do Like This ?? and Because That Poor men I got This Project
    He Says Don’t Taunt Me like Hindi Films

    She Says Doesn’t matter and she About to Leave But He Stops  her she Feed him cake and Left
    Here Vicky Shows Video of dev’s New Software to that Men and That Men Ask what is This You are showing Me this Working Video of Dev
    Vicky Says This is not Video of His Working he is Making Software To finish Competion in Market
    Vikcy Demands for Money from Thakkar and He Agreed
    He Left and Vicky Swears That he will Finish Dev

    Dev Listen Fire alarm and Peon come to Inform Him That office has Been Caught fire
    Panicked Dev Runs to Sonakshi’s room and he Banged on Door Someone tried to Stop Him But He Shouted that You Go and He comes Inside Somehow
    He Searched here and There and sonakshi comes to Him
    He check hers and Hugs her Protectively
    Golu Comes to take Sona for Playing But She is Denying
    Golu Says That This Is Big Cha Plan by Saying Cheating

    Here SOna comes home and Ishwari Told her that Dev is Just come Sona Says Did dev told You To Say This
    She Says No But You Work so Much
    Dev comes to Support Ishwari and says That i told her Same Not to work This Much But She nevet Listen
    Then Ishwari inform Dev that She Singed on Paper where She has Written that She will never Resign

    Vicky comes to Elena and apologies her, by gifts her a diamond ring and She Tries to Ask how did he Bought he tells her thathe have Full Money and he will try to change.and hugs her

    Sona enters the room and Sees their Marriage Photo frame in his hand she tells Dev that she needs to ask him something. but Dev interrupts and gifts her a chain next he puts “sindoor” on her forehead partings . he Hugs her From Behind and tells her that  that no one can take her away from him 

    Next morning 

    Dev and Vicky are having their push up competition and children with them too 

    Vicky asks Dev about his new Security dev Tries to change vikcy Emotionally ask and Dev informs him that he is designing a new software which could make their business Grow Rapidly . 
    Here In Room Sona gets ready, Dev tells her to wear the chain he gifted her.
    Sona says That dont Call her Business Partner As she wants to Do her own
    she is Leaving Without having Breakfast Dev Notices This 

    Bose House
    Someone come to Door and Asha Opens the Door and Asha comes with Package Which is Huge and Bijoy Open and They Open Box under Box and A Small Pregnancy Kit Inside That
    Bijoy and Saurabh Embarrassed and Asha Says I Told This is for Ronita But You both

    Here Sonakshi Is In Meeting at Restaurant and Waiter comes with Cappituno and she says I dint Order Waiter about to take But She Says Okay and She Drinks and Says Perfect
    Waiter comes with Pizza and She Burst Anger on Him and Sense This is Dev
    She Spots him and come to Him and Burst Her anger on Him That because You are here I am Distracting
    He says This Happen in Love She Says But he Interrupted that You didn’t eat anything In House
    She says I will Eat but he says I will go after my Meeting She ask with Whom ?

    He Makes Excuses and she Left
    There On table Sonakshi Again In Meeting But She Sense Something is Wrong with Dev She Opens her Phone and Shocked to See tracker App installed by Him She is stunned By Dev’s Behaviour

    Precap : Sona asks Dev that You Insalled Tracker in My Phone he says What if you in trouble she says I will Inform You But he says I will Do this Always

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