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  • Monday, 17 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 17th July 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with

    Vicky is Accusing Dev for Snatching Golu from Him
    Stunned Dev Replied are You Mad I Snatched Golu You are His Father You Should Check where You are Mistaking and When You Get Out of Drunk State Then Come Out of Room
    Vikcy Folds Hand and Says I don’t even Want and he Left

    Vikcy comes to Room and He is Cursing Dev he opens Laptop and says Now You will Know Dev Dixit Now I will do That Never happen From Today’s  You’re the end Started

    Here Photo Session is Going On Sona gets Call and she Excuses herself and Talk over phone That One Meeting with Someone Who is Already In town and she is Chasing For That person From one Year She Tries to convince Them That Saurabh can Handle But She Says Okay I will come

    Here Nikki calls her to come and Give Poses for Picture Dve come to ask for Sona But Mamaji and Nikki Drags Him and Sona is Signalling Him But he Caught In Photo session
    Sona decided to Go Alone She Says Sorry Dev I have to do this Alone and she Secretly come Out and Drive off

    Here Vicky is Talking to Someone Who is Saying Dev is Your Brother You Know what are You doing
    Vicky says You do what I told You.Elena comes to Room and Suspect on him and Try to Take his  laptop he throw on Floor and left
    Here Dev Is trying to call Sona But Call is Not Connecting Pk informs him that She is Gone out
    Golu comes and Ask Dev for Photo

    Sona finsihes her Work and tried to call Dev But Phone is not Coonecting

    here Vikcy about to Hit Elena But she held his hand and Dev Jumps to Save elena and Vicky and Dev have Argument Dev threaten Him To Throw out of house 
    Sona’s car Break Down and she Tried to Start But That Doesn’t Start She Checks Phone No Netowrk
    She comes Out Open Bonnet Smoke is coming Out She Takes her Phone and she Got Network She calls Dev who is asking where are You
    She Says I am on the Highway and Car is Break down
    He is shocked and he asked what are You doing there
    She Informs him and says I Know My hero will Save me
    She sends him Location of her and their Network Goes out
    He comes out
    Here Sona is inside the car and Some Men Passes by and she acted like talking On Phone
    Here dev is Driving
    Sona Goes to near By Bus stop and Stand With One Girl
    She saw that Men and she Climbs to that Bus too Here Dev Reach That Spot where her Car was there
    He Runs to there and shocks to see She is not anywhere
    Sona Calls her By One Lady’s Phone and she informs him Bus Number

    That Lady’s Stop come and she Come down But Some Drunk men Climb on Bus and they Are Watching Her
    Here ishwari mamaji and Mamiji are worried For dev and sona and they are Calling Them
    Mamiji is Saying why she went this Time and she wanted to Go then she should Go with Dev
    Ishwari says If Dev is Went to take her then Nothing will happen to her
    Here Sona is Scared and Hoping That Dev Please come
    That Mens stand and says Our Stop is coming one of them About to Fall near Sona when Bus Stopped infront of Dev’s Car

    Dev Climbed in the Bus And Saw them 

    Dev hugs her and asks if she was ok.  

    She says that she is fine.

    Precap : Vicky sets a secret camera in Dev’s cabin in office  Dev and Sonakshi are about to enter into the office room. But Dev eventually watches Vicky in his office.

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