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  • Friday, 14 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 14th July 2017 Written Update

    Asha come to Meet ishwari and asked about Office
    Asha is Saying To ishwari That I feel Like My marriage is Not completed  not even this I told Bijoy to marry again

    Then maa Explained me That This Rituals is For name Sake for Relation You have to connect via heart  

    Ishwari come to Lakshya-Nikki’s Apartment and she Saw them with their Luggage and All and They are Talking about where to Go ishwari Listen Them

    Here Sonakshi come down from Stair complaining That You left Shocks Near my Pillow
    and Surprised to see Dev In New Hair Cut
    She Admired him and he looks at her and Comes near her and Asked did You Said Something
    Sona asked Did You Saw Maa…Dev Said What If she went to Nikki’s House and he about to call Nikki and They Saw ishwari comes Home and behind her Nikki and Lakshya with Their Luggage in hand

    Devakshi Walks to them and She Says Dev I Listened to You that I should Visit Nikki once For Saying them That what You are doing is Not Wrong But we don’t accept Your Relationship But I accept them
    Dev Says and Hold her Arms That I Know You will accept Your Anger is Justified But You did Right
    Sona Runs to Nikki and Hugs her
    Ishwari Informes That They can Live her
    Dev About to take Lakshya Luggage He Says No I wont live here only Nikki will You have Step forward Now I will take Step Right Now I am Staying with My Friend then I will take Flat

    Ishwari ask him to live here But he Says That I will manage

    Lakshya about to Say about his Family Nikki Told Behalf of himself that he Never gets Love He wants from Our Family 

    Dev Welcomes Lakshya to family and He Left By Saying Nikki That Don’t Do Drama Ishwari admired them
    Sona and Dev are Ready to Go But Dev Stopped Sona and Started Romancing with Her
    He takes her inside his Arms and Said Your 1st priority is to Love Me
    PK come to Disturb them and DeV ordered him to Go and Close the Door and They Lost In Their Love
    On Downstairs Three Sisters came and They Started TaKing Selfie and Photosession
    Neha Riya and Nikki Says They will Go and Call Dev and Sona
    When They Come inside Dev and Sona are in Each Other Arms
    They tease Devakshi that You both are Still same At-least Lock The Soor
    They Group Hugged Each Other

    Here Elena come to Ask Vicky Who is Drinking and Cursing Dev and SOna He is Angry That Dev Snatched Everyone Including Golu too
    Elena Told Him To come Out

    Vikcy comes After some Time and Creat So Much drama when All Family Together
    Golu is Stubborn to go and Stand with Vikcy who is shouting On Golu and taunted Dev Sona control his Anger
    Mamaji Glare Vikcy and They Did pose for Photoshoot
    After Photoshoot Dev comes to Vikcy and asked are You Drunk he retorted That 7 years You Behave Me like I am Servant or Daughter and You Snatched Everything Including My son

    Precap : Dev is Clicking pic with Mamaji Sona Gets Call and she is called to come

    She Says Sorry Dev I have to do this Alone and here Dev is Searching her and Calling her 

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