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  • Wednesday, 12 July 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th July 2017 Written Update

    Episode start with

    Dev comes to Sona and said Their Phone is Not in the Range
    Sona Said what if they reach Here Before we tell maa
    Pk come to Them and Told Them That neha come to meet They Said They will come

    Neha hugs Ishwari and ishwari Said That You Forget me and she said to Her Husband That You don’t send My Daughter here he Said You Didn’t come too..She Said Now I will come Soon
    Neha Greets with Mamiji and Vicky and riya takes Arohi to play with Golu and suhana

    Mamiji takes neha and Showed her Keys and Said Still In My hand
    Ishwari comes with Water and She Asked where is Bhai and Bhabhi
    Dev and sona come down and Neha comes and Hugs Sona and looks at Dev and Said We are meeting after so Much Time But You don’t seems Happy
    He said Nothing Like That and He Hugs her She Said Show me then

    But Mamiji takes her Away and ishwari Told Dev to call Nikki
    Here nikki comes out of House and she Lost in Old Memories
    Dev calls her and Nikki Attends and Dev Told her Not to come
    Surprised Niiki asked why Maa calls Herself To Invite me
    Dev Said Maa Just Know That You Love Anyone But Don’t Know About Your Live-in So Don’t come
    Shocked Nikki Cut The Call Lakshya asked what happen ??

    Ishwari asked Dev What happen Did You talked with her Dev about to Say Something
    But Nikki comes and ishwari run to her But Stopped when She Saw Lakshya behind her
    She Surprisingly Asked Lakshya Ji..he came Inside and Said Intern Aunty ??
    Nikki Shocked and Lakshya Said That She is Intern Aunty ishwari realized That what Lakshya Told her About Live in with His Gf

    Mamiji asked who is This Boy Nikki
    Dev Informed that He is Niiki’s Boyfriend and Mamiji Shocked She taunted nikki about Parwarish and all Mamaji Tried to Stop her But She Continued

    Ishwari comes out of her Shocked state and asked Dev So You Know About this
    Sona and Dev Said That We Know and We wanted to Tell You But..
    Ishwari Stopped and asked Nikki that what is left in My Upbringing That You have to go This and You Ruined my Reputation
    She Retorted that I am Not wrong Lakshya Supported me when No One with me

    Ishwari said That You Leave us when we Need You and You are Saying that You were alone
    So Who is Responisble dev Whos Married life was Broken Or Sona Who left Because of me or Me Who was Shattered to see everyone was Broken so who is Responsible

    Dev About to say But ishwari Stopped and Said She Has Choose her House Dev so No  

    Ishwari Blamed herself that she is bad Mother That I Forced You to do this 

    Nikki is very upset and she  leaves the house and Drags Lakshya With her  .

    Dev and sona Rushes behind her 

    Dev scold her that I Told you Not To come But You never listen me Sona told him Not to 
    Get angry But Dev Said That Why not 

    Sona said that we needed time to make ishwari accept this that’s why we want to Stop You 

    Nikki says I don’t want to Hide This From maa
    She Goes to Dev and Said I Know My Bhai will make Maa understand She Hugs Him and Said Bhai maa Was Right They need me and I left
    Dev Said Stop this Crying But Nikki said I was angry that You Always come with thing before Saving they have brother Sister Moments 

    Dev Said I will Make Maa Understand But Promise me You wont Leave us 

    Right..She Nods Sona told them To Go Home They Will handle 

    Dev Sona are tensed  how to make ishwari understand this 

    Mamiji is blabbering about Nikki and Mamaji tried to Stop Her 

    Neha and Riya tries their hard to explain Ishwari but Ishwari asks them not to. Sona and Dev comes to Ishwari.  
    Dev explains her that how Sona comes at House and After his relationship with her things got changed. He asks that they should support Nikki and Lakshya as lakshya will Keep her happy and she also know him she can accept Nikki’s relationship with her.
    PRECAP : Sonakshi asks Ishwari where is Your watch Running or not  Dev tells her that he will drop her to the office.  Ishwari tells she resigned the job. Later Lakshya comes to meet her calling her as intern aunty.

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