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  • Tuesday, 11 July 2017

    Kuch Ran Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th July 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with
    Sonakshi Told ishwari about Nikki and ishwari is Stunned to Listen This

    Ishwari Again asked Nikki..Sona Make her Understand that Nikki has Grown Up So Someone will come in her Life
    Ishwari Said I Know That But she is Girl and She is Living In Hostel

    Sona Said Maa She Didn’t Hide Anything from me That’s Good Naa
    Ishwari Sigh and Said Okay Tell me about more about That Boy
    Dev Supported Sona By Saying That I Met Boy he is Good I will Go and Talk to His family
    Ishwari Said Okay Now if you both are Saying But I Am Surprised About My Nikki
    She left
    Here Lakshya comes with left over Food by ishwari and Nikki tasted that Food and she Take Two More Spoon..Lakshya Asked howz this Food ??
    Nikki has tears in her eyes and she asked who Cooked this
    Lakshya wipes Her tears and Said This Is  made by Intern Aunty But why are You crying ?

    She Said Your intern Aunty’s Food Just Like my Mother
    Lakshya Said Its okay and He Fed Her more

    Ronita is Clearing Closet and She Found Small Socks and Saurabh said That I Purchased From mall
    Ronita comes with her Gift Small Shoes and They Surprised and Talked about Kids Planning

    Dev thanked Sona The way she talked with her
    Ishwari calls and Said This Picture is Not Good SOna is Not the Family pic I want My Complete Family pic
    Here Nikki calls At Landline and Dev sona are ishwari are watching Something On Laptop
    Nikki calls Second Time and Dev gets Irritated
    Mamiji attends But Nikki didn’t tell Anything
    Sona gets Clue And She takes Mamiji Away and Third Time Nikki calls And Ishwari takes Call

    Ishwari asked caller to Say Something But Nikki Just cried and Cut the Call
    Sona Told Dev That I was suspicious That this is Nikki’s call and This must because Lakshya May be Take That Tiffin to Home and Nikki May be tasted and She Remembers maa’s Cooking and Calls hear
    Dev Said May be

    Here Ronita and Suarabh Informed Bijoy and Asha That they are Planning to Start Family

    Lakshya informed ishwari that Her Girl friend Likes her cooking So much so he will take This Tiffin Home
    When Ishwari asked about His Girl friend He Informed that They are Living In live –in-Relationship
    Ishwari is shocked to Listen this

    At House ishwari comes with Aam-Panna for Devakshi and In Their Talks She Informed Them About Lakshya and His Live-in-Girl Friend But She Hated this idea and She Left

    Dev and Sona are worried what Will Happen when She come to know That Lakshya is Niikki’s Boyfriend They Decided to talk with Nikki and Lakshya

    Here ishwari calls neha and asked her to come with her Husband and She Agreed
    Here ishwari calls Nikki who is Shocked 1st But attend her Call

    When She Attend Calls she scolded her that You don’t Miss me But You just come home Dev and sona told me Everything But Now You Just come Home We will take Family Pic and in the end she Said let Him..Nikki Stopped that Yes I will bring Him  with me 

    Lakshya asked Niiki why are crying ?
    She Hugs him and Told him that Bhaiya Bhabhi Told everything to Mom and she Calls her Home
    He is Surprised
    Here ishwari is Telling Servants  to Do This and That
    Devakshi Asked who are coming why this Preparation
    Ishwari Said everyone Is coming Riya Neha Nikki..I talked to Nikki she Got Scared 1st But I Told her to bring Him Home with her so We can talk with Boy’s family
    She Told Him and her to take Leave from office and Left
    They are Stunned and Dev Attends Riya’s call and she Said Thank You Bhai You set everything and Nikki is Happy to
    Dev Cut the call and told Sona That Maa Thinks Nikki has BF and They will get marry Soon She doesn’t Know About her Live –in
    We have to Stopped her Dev calls Nikki

    Here Bijoy is Searching Kids name and asha is Secretly Watching her
    They Discussed and Asha teased him He Informed her Boy’s Name Asha Said Why Boy’s Name he Said we already have soha and They argued
    Ishwari calls Raman and informed That I am not coming Office please inform this To lakshya
    Raman Said his Phone is Out of Rang but I will Inform him when he will come
    Here Dev Sona About to Sneak But ishwari Stopped Them and Said No You wont Go Family 1st and You don’t have Boss See me I have Boss but his Phone is Not reachable Now Sona come help me
    Devakshi Looks At Each other Helplessly

    Precap : Dev calls Nikki and She Said I am coming Dev Said No You cant come now
    Nikki is Hurt
    Mamiji Shouted that Our Laadli Nikki has come..ishwari run to her but Stopped when she Saw lakshya Behind her  

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