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  • Tuesday, 25 July 2017

    Kartik Angry from Naira and Dadi Over Hurry In Marriage Yeh Rishta Kya kahlata Hai UMT 25th July Video WU

    Writte Update : Kartik Angry from Naira and dadi Over Hurry In Marriage 25th July  
    Segment Start with Manish Is Talking with Naitik On Phone That Marriage will happen the way You want..Tilak is Almost complete and we should Do Arrangements for Other Rituals

    Kartik comes and Stands In front of Kirthi and Naira
    Then He Goes to Dadi
    Kartik is saying to dadi that why this Hurry In this Marriage 

    we should Give them Some Time to Spend with Each other  She has Already Suffered so Much we should Wait for sometime
    Dadi Says Don’t teach me I have seen Life more then 

    You..Angry Kartik turns His Side and Says Okay Then do what You want to do
    He Thought That Naira will Be on His side But She Gives Support to Dadi’s She Says that No Kartik Dadi is Right

    Bhai and Kirthi understand Each Other There wont Be any Misunderstanding Between Them
    That Angered Him and He Shouts and Left from there

    Must watch This Segment 

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