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  • Monday, 10 July 2017

    Dev Apologies Neha But Told Nikki to Not come Home Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi BTDD 10th July Video WU

    Written Update : Tellytop Segment 

    Segment Start with Scene Before Nikki and ishwari Face Off 

    Its Small Segment where Neha came Home and Ishwari and Other Family Greets her 

    Mamiji Hugs her Showing her Extra Affection to her 

    Next She Meets with Ishwari Mamaji and Dev and Sonakshi

    Separate Scene Where Neha is Complaining To Dev That After My Marriage You didnt even Call me Nor You come to meet me Once 

    Dev who is So Emotional Apologies her for All His Wrong works 

    and he Assured her That This wont Happen Again 

    One Scene where Riya is showing her Affection to her Sister too

    Next Scene Dev is On The Phone and he is Saying Nikki Not to Come Home Today 

    Because Dev and Sonakshi Informed ishwari That Nikki Loves Someone But Not Whole Truth 

    Here Nikki comes to Home with her Boyfriend Lakshya and Ishwari is Shocked to know that They are In Live in Relationship 

    Must watch this Segment

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