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  • Saturday, 22 July 2017

    Bhavya Saves Omkara-Shivaay-Rudra From Goons Ishqbaaaz Bhabhi Tera Devar Dewaana 27th July Video Wu

    Written Update : Bhavya Saved Family From Goons Ishqbaaaz Saas Bahu aur Suspense 22nd July 2017

    Segment Start with Omkara is Fighting and Goon Pushs Him and he Falls Shivaay and Rudra Started Fighting But Goons are More Then Them and They Hit Shivaay and Rudra on head and They Collapse 

    when They get conscious They found them Self Sitting On Chair and Caught In Ropes
    They are trying to come Out But Goons Pointed on Gun On Three of them 
    Anika Jumps in between and Says Before Him (Shivaay ) You have To Kill Me

    Goon Says As you wish and He Points Gun on Her Forehead
    Gauri Jumps and Says same That Before Omkara You have to Kill Me 
    Shivaay Shouts On Anika That You Stay away I am Talking to Him same Omkara did too

    Bhavya comes From Somewhere and Ask Them What You want if You want money take Them..You want Jewellary Take Them But Leave Us 
    But They Say we don't want Money on anything 

    They Ask then what You want Goon Says We want That Baby 
     Everybody Shocked to Listen This But Suddenly Bhavya Hold Goon's Hand and Hit Him By Her Elbow and his Gun Fall down She Did Same Thing to 

    Quickly Anika-Gauri Opens Their Ropes and Freed Them 

    All Started Fighting and from Somewhere Bhavya comes in Police Dress

    Dadi and every One shocked to See Her

    Finally Police came and Arrest The Goons 

    Must watch This Segment 

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