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  • Sunday, 16 July 2017

    Avni-Neil Hug Riya Exposed Naamkarann SBS 16th July Video WU

    Segment Start with Someone come to Drop Avni Back to House and When NEil Was Her at Door he Runs to Her and Hugs her So tight

    So Did avni She Hugs him So Tight and They Lost In Each other Without Even Realizing that All Family is Watching Them

    After some moments He Broke the Hug and Cups her Face and Asks her About is she Ok 

    She Nods and Informs Family That Lady came to Drop her here 

    All The Family Thanked that Lady By Folding Hands 

    One By One all comes to Avni and Apologies to Avni 

    bebe Too Folds her Hand to Say Sorry But Avni Holds her Hand and Says No bebe You are elder You dont Need to Fold in front of me 

    Reporter Said Now This Hugs Proves How Much They Love Each other 

    also Riya is Exposed in front of Family Now Only Love will Blossom In this two Souls

    Must watch this Segment here 

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