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  • Monday, 26 June 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 26th June 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with
    KAIRA greets with Singhania
    Gayu teased That Success Party But Kartik Said Not mine Only Naira’s Success This Party is Just for her Naira Opposed but
    Kirthi came and Greets Too Naksh Came and She Thanked Naksh for Support
    KAIRA goes to Dadi and Apologies But She is Still Angry Kartik Again Asked her to forgive and He takes her Hand to Kartik But She is called By Someone She Left and Kartik and Naira are happy atleast for Moments she Accepted
    Kartik shared to Naira That He Hurt Dadi and Hurt Someone then You Feel That Pain
    Here Manish Announced and Singhania are Sharing That How They are Waiting for Naira;s name Suwarna Listen all This and Frowns
    Here Manish is Praising and Kaira holds Naira’s hand Suwarna come to Stop Manish But he announced “KARTIK Goenka “ and One Banner come Out and Only His name Written On It
    Manish is Announcing Today’s Evening only on Kartik…All Stunned Singhania are Looking Each other and Slowly Naira Takes her Hand Back and She Clapped
    Kartik is So Disturbed and He Fisted but Naira Stopped and Said Please You Go Your Party means Mine Too
    Suwarna Helpless Seeing This
    Somehow Kartik reached Stage in anger
    Naksh is angry and Naitik about to Charge But All Stopped him Naira Fakes Smiles to Her Family member
    And Kartik who is One Stage Takes Knief in His Hand and Cut the Cake From In Between all Family Member Shocked over this
    He Takes Mike and announced That One More Good News I will Give
    He Said My Wife Naira Goenka ..he Pointed To naira and Told her to Come on Stage but She Didn’t come
    He continued That Today we both Got Success But Mine is Incomplete without her She Got A certificate to open Dance academy ..Manish and Dadi Looked at Each Other
    Kartik continued That I cut Cake In Two Pieces SO That We can celebrate Success together
    All Are Happy and Clapped With Others
    Kartik comes From Stage and Takes Naira with him to Stage
    Dadi and Manish Frowns Over this
    Naksh goes to Stage and Place Cake there too and Said That we came home for both of yours Party
    Dadi is angry and Said Manish That why he have to say infront of Others

    Naira Said why You Did This I told You Not To Do..he replied what Will You do if You were my Place
    Both Cut The Cake together and He Signal her to Smile
    And Both Feed Each Other All calpped But Dadi and Manish seems So Angry
    Suwarna sensed Manish’s anger
    Both come Down and Kartik comes Near Manish and Said You have amazing talent to Hurt anyone how can You do this (Suwarna is Listing all this )
    Manish shocked to hear this and Kartik left

    Sulekhna is Putting the Fuel in Fire By Saying that Singhania came to plan This From Home That Party is for Both KAIRA
    Gayu is Angry That Only Kartik’s Success Party Naira’s Happiness is Nothing for Them
    Suwarna is Trying to make Goenaka Understand That they Take us as their Family for Example They Forgive mansi But Dadi Retorted That We will never Forgive this But Sometime I think She comes with Strip and Tied to everyone’s Mouth
    Here Bhabhi maa is trying to Calm Naksh and Naitik

    Manish is Saying that Kartik has His Place and Naira Has her own  I just want to Finish some difference by this But Ruined all

    Kartik is saying Sorry to naira and She said why are You Saying Sorry I am happy
    He Said Because You are too Good
    He asked Tell me You are not hurt
    She Said Not Hurt Just shocked
    He Said I was So Angry She Said Not matter Just Accept what we have
    She Cleaned Cake from Corner of his Mouth a Romantic moment Between them and They teased Each other
    Dadi asked Suwarna and Sulekhna That Do u received any Parcel Sulekhna nodded and Dadi Burst anger on her that Give that Parcel to me That gayu is Not answering I Just Give Them and Finish this talk
    Suwarna advised that we should Give Card after Party But Dadi Scold her here Sulekhna Comes with Parcel and Give Dadi
    And She Left Suwarna Pray to god to handle Everything

    Naira is Saying To Gayu That Keep all Family member Calm and Handle
    Dadi Came and give Pic and Kundali to Gayu and Said Wanna Give this To Family But You have Power to decide So Do as You Want But Everything has Right time and Your Family members don’t Know why so careless about this Naira is Frowning over this
    Daid continued that Younger got married and Elder still not ready (Naira Stunned hear this )
    And She Looked at Gayu who has her Head down

    Precap : Naitik is Saying to manish that I Know My Daughter They cant do this Their Upbringing is Not like This  Manish retorted That What that Means That we are Wrong
    Gayu,Naira and Kartik reached and Asked what happen Dadi

    Dadi Said Gayu and Naira made Fun of The proposal which I Gave 

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