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  • Wednesday, 21 June 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 21st June 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with
    Naitik Told others That I am Going Inside to Support My Daughter If anyone want to come They can come inside Dadi Bua Sa Tried to Tell but Bhabhi maa and Divyani cut her in between and Told her that Now Naira is Our Priority and they left
    Dadi and All Goenka Family Listen This and Dadi Said I will talk with Naira and She come to Area where Kiran is Outside
    Dadi comes and Scold him That You don’t have any Shame Naira is Married She wont dance with You and Told her This…and She Warned Him and She Left
    Kartik Listen This and Try to make him Understand But He Said I cant hear More and He Left
    Suwarna is worried where is Dadi???
    Here Naira is Worried too where is Kiran and Kartik
    Here Kiran is Going Back and Kartik tried to Stop Him But he Said I cant do how can I dance in This Situation when Someone Blaming me..He Walks again but Kartik Stopped him Again and Clutch his Bag and Naira Saw This All She Thinks Kartik did again and He Turned and Saw Naira is Stunned
    Kartik Thinks how can I Tell naira

    Naira is Thinking Kartik told that he will Say Sorry to Kiran how can He
    Kartik tried to come inside but He is Not allowed there
    Dadi is Cursing Organizers and Naira is Seeing all Flashbacks Of Akshra and How Kartik Fought with Kiran
    Her co Dancers is Asking where is Kiran Here Kartik is Angry and Thinking How she will perform
    Here Naira comes to Stage and She is Dancing Alone and After ¼ dance Singhanias asked where is Kiran ??

    Naira Saw From BackStage Someone is coming from Dark and Kartik came as Krishna and All Shocked to See and He Started Dance with her She is Stunned but Still dancing with her
    Kartik Sensed her Trouble in feet
    Kartik Supported her while She is Thinking that Why he is Dancing Like This This are not our Steps
    He carried her lift her and completed Dance Judges are Talking That She is the Same Girl who Fell in Solo dance
    All Give Them Standing Ovation .
    Dadi is Sharing her views That this All is done by Kartik So That Dance will complete And Reputation remain same
    Naksh and Naitik is Happy but They Shared That This is Done By Dadi Forcefully
    Suwarna is Worried for KAIRA’s Relation because of this

    Here Naira is Limping  and Kartik comes and ask what happen is Your feet is Hurting She said You Know what is Hurting me She Locked herself inside The makup room But She Didn’t listen To Him
    She Got Kiran’s Message who told her everything She run to Kartik and Apologies and Hugged him
    Kartik Saw her Feet and He asked Are You Okay Should we go to Doctor
    But She Said I am Worried what will Happen and They Heard Announcement
    Kirthi is praying and Naksh  and Naitik are Angry That May be they will disqualify Naira
    Kartik is saying naira to Be Strong
    Anchor  Called are Participants to come to Stage
    Kartik take her to Stage and Anchor Invite Dadi to come on Stage and Give Award
    Dadi is Announcing winner by 3rd and 2nd Spot All are worried for Naira
    And Dadi Opens the Last Envelop and She Looks at KAIRA

    Precap : Dadi Announced That This Place is Begged By Neela and Kamal

    Naitik is Disappointed Naira is Saying Sorry to Akshra 

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