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  • Monday, 12 June 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 12th June Episode 2404 Written Update

    Episode Start with 

    Love kush asking for Doll But Suwarna Said I cant Give You and She Left
    Kartik Comes to downstairs and Told Naira to Come Quickly I will Drop You

    Kirthi Said I am Coming too To help Naira KIARA congratulated her Kirthi Said All Thanks to Dad Because he supported me Kartik frowns and Change The Topic That Take me With You I will be Boar at Office…
    In Car Kirthi is reading something and Kartik Kissed naira to her Palm Kirthi teased Him that I didn’t see anything Kartik Blamed Naira That You Start Anywhere
    Before she Give Reply they saw Kiran is Waiting on Road They Give him Lift
    Soon Naira Engrossed With Kiran with old Memories and Kartik is Listing Their Talks about Dance and all
    Soon they reached and Kiran Dragged Naira with Him..Dishearten Kartik about to left But Naira came and Said Good Bye and kissed him on cheeks and He Left
    Kartik Accused Manish about Akhilesh didn’t get chance for experience
    Manish Said I want Result only Whoever want to do and He Left

     Naira called Kartik and asked what are You doing he Said Work..Helping Chachu then Naira Ask what After That He Said As usual will Miss You
    She Said Liar only In free time you miss me But I will Miss You everytime
    Same Time Kiran dragged Naira and he Phone Remain On and Kartik Listen their talks That you put your hands on my Shoulder and I will put on your Waist
    Kartik Listen this and Frowns
    Naitik got phone call and he Seems Worried for Design gayu asked that can she Make This Design
    Here Naira and Kiran Started Their Dance on Radha Teri Chunri and They Match Their Rhythm and In the Last Step Kiran Lifted Naira and Meanwhile Kartik came and Naira Slipped and Fall on the Floor and Kartik and all Member Rushed to her
    Angrily Kartik asked Kiran what Are You make her Do..
    Kiran Retorted That Its Your Fault You Distract her
    Kartik Said That You Care About Distract
    Kiran retorted that she is Dancer and she Knows what Do To
    Naira Stopped her and Said Don’t fight Its My Mistake..Kartik controlled himself and Said Lets Go to doctor
    Naksh Said I will Take Out Car and But Kiran said No Need I am Dancer I Know what do to and He Took her Feet in his Hand and Kartik Said Why are You becoming Doctor But Kiran twisted her Ankle and She Shouted and Kartik and Naksh Concerned but   Naira Said Pain is Gone and She Stands up
    Kartik Thanked Kiran and apologies too…he Said Its Ok

    They took Lunch Break and Kartik come to Dinning table and Saw Naira is Engrossed with Fellow Dancer He about to move but Naira held his hand and Said I reserved seat for you
    They Sat and Kartik asked about Gayu and Naitik
    Kartik held Naira hand Below the Table..But Kiran Distracted her by saying passed the Samosa
    Kartik Fumed But held her hand Again,,naira Blushed
    Kiran said I am Done and he Stands Up but Ladies Said One Gulab Jamun he Said I will wat someone’s plate and he Eat Gaulab Jamun from Naira’s Hand which she was about to feed Kartik
    Naira took another and She Take to His Mouth But Kartik said I don’t want and he Left Naira Noticed This

    In Upstairs Naitik and gayu are waiting for Clients mail all ladies reached and asked what happen
    They Got reply and They Liked the Design Gayu Thanked Naitik for all his Support 

    Kartik is Going Back and Naira hugged her from behind and She asked are you angry and She asked Why are you so silent
    He cups her face and Said You Got hurt But She Said Don’t worry kartik and He Looks at Kiran’s direction and Frowns
    She Said Okay now Go but with smile
    Here Dadi Got call and she Said I am near Singhania’s House and I will go there she told driver to take Car there
    She Still on call That I will complete this talk Now
    She Reached Singhanias House and Naira is Dancing here with Kiran
    Dadi reached At Door and she Saw Naira is Dancing with another Girl
    Divyanai and Bhabhi Maa welcomes her and they asked will You wanna See her practise
    She said No Let her be Otherwise She will Think that I come to Disturb because I don’t want her to dance
    Ladies Frowns but Naitik came and He Said Your No and Our yes is Not Matter before what she Wants
    Dadi said I don’t come here to talk about Naira I came Here to talk about Gayu ..You remember I told You one Proposal for Gayu in Kaira’s Marriage ?
    Naira came and Said :Rishta”
    Dadi Said Yes Rishta for Gayu..Naira Said lets Talk to Di first and Dadi frowns

    Precap : Kartik Said I am not Helping my family theh had so much trust on me I too Myself had trust Naira Said We need Experience..Manish Extend hand towards Kartik  

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