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  • Tuesday, 20 June 2017

    Neil's fake Anger On Avni She Retorted Back Funny Naamkaraan UMT 20th June Video WU


    Written Update

    Star Plus's Naamkarann is Slowly Making Its Place in Viwers Heart and It Begged 3rd Spot In TRP CHART 

    In Today's Segment Bebe is Scolding Neil's Mother Because She Eats Something which is Made By Neil's Mother and Because of That Bebe Have Reaction on Her face 

    and Her Face is All Red

    Neil's Father tried to Calm Situation But he Failed 

    Neil and AVni came to Rescue and Neil Asked Avni Why you Made without even asked Bebe About her Allergies

    Avni Sensed the Situation and Take Blame on her self that She Should have asked you 

    Neil Scold her that See because of You bebe Scolded so Much to My Mother 

    bebe is Not Believing all This and She Told Neil Not to Scold Your wife 

    Neil comes to her and Ordered Go and make Black Coffee for me 

    Avni retorted and Funnily replied "Jee Patidev (yes Husband)"

    zain Told in interview that This is So Funny Scene I ordered her To make Coffee and she Said Yes That means come to room I will See YOU 

    Must watch this Segment 

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