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  • Thursday, 8 June 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 8th June 2017 Written Updates

    SUhana Told Same As Yesterday That If papa Tell anyone his wife will be it Good ?Said and She Run away

    Ishwari listen all this and came Inside and she Said Sometimes Children Give Answer of Our Question when Dev was child he used to Gave me Answers
    I am come here to Ask You Do u like Nisha..sona said yes she is Good na..ishwari said That You Know Dev Better Then me She is Capable to Become Mrs Dixit and she left
    Sona with Moist eyes Repeated Mrs Dixit
    Here Elena Informed Asha that Sona Was So jealous But She was Hurt Too..Asha Told her to Inform her time to Time
    Bijoy Listen This and ask Who is ?Asha Replied Elena and Bijoy Said Tell me Everything and He Listen and Danced that Dev is Getting Married
    Here When Sona came Back Bijoy Told her That You are doing Good By Helping dev I will dance in His Marriage
    Sona Burst Out All Anger on Bijoy That What Differences We Have Because You Never Liked him and she Left
    Hurt Bijoy seat on Couch and Asha Tried to console But Bijoy Cursed Dev for All this and Said I will Dance In His Marriage and You all See
    Here Sona Comes to Dixit House and She Looks around Mamiji Taunted her That Dev Has His Happiness Aka Nisha in his Life They are having tea in Garden Please don’t Disturb Them

    Sona comes Inside and She Saw Dev is Putting Gajra in Nisha’s Hair and She Remembers Old Days when he Did same Gajra Falls on Floor Both ben down to Take Gajra 

    Nisha asked Sona You here ? Dev You didn’t Tell Me That You will come?
    Dev Said I don’t even Know
    Sona Stammered and Said I come  To take Suhana for Class
    Dev said Okay Sona Said I will Help with Gajra Dev Said I Will Do and In This Gajra Broken
    Nisha Gets a Call and She Excuse her Self and Sona Burst on him That You didn’t Tell me About Movie
    He casually Said That She is On Call Let me Inform You this and She Said go anywhere I don’t care and she About to Move But Dev held her in His Arms and said I want toTalk But Sona Said Behave And Nisha came and Dev Relase her
    She Said dev lets Go ? Dev Said I was Saying to Sonakshi That I cant wait for Engagement Stunned Sona Congratulate Him and Her..Nisha asked when Dev Said Tomorrow
    Dev Said You Are Looking so happy Ms Bose..She smiled and nisha said lets Inform everyone dev takes her Arms in his and Left

    Here Panicked Asha Informed Ronita and Saurabh That Dev’s marriage and All this is Drama and I am with ishwari Ji Bijoy Listen this and taunted her That You hide Things from me But od See You and ishwari Now This Marriage is Going to happen
    Here Mamiji informed Vicky and They Celebrate Their Victory
    Dev is constantly calling   Sona But she is Cutting his call And he is Saying to Himself That Accept it that You cant Ignore me Like This and He calls Asha Who cut his call too..He Stunned and then call on Landline But Bijoy Attend and He congratulate him for Marriage he Said Marriage is Far But Tomorrow is My Engagement Bijoy said yes we all Will come He said We made a Shopping Plan Me Nisha and Sona..But sona’s Phone is Out of Range

    Bijoy Said I will inform her Asha said I will do This and She taunted him and Left
    Dev To Himself that Ms Bose Hope we are not Late

    Asha comes top Sona’s Room and Said I come to tell You Dev’s phone has come and he Said That Your are Not Taking his call..She Said he has Habit of Assuming may be Battery is Low
    Asha Said That I will Keep on Charging But Sona Snatch her Phone and said I will charge and Talk to Him Now I have Meeting and She Run away
    Here Golu asked Suhana what Secret ?Suhana Revealed Him That This all is Papa’s Plan and She Said Him not to Tell anyone
    Here Dev comes with 2-3 Sherwani to Sona’s office and Tell her to Select She Said This Is My office
    He Said Yes That why I come here coz you are Not Attending my Call
    She Said You do Youself…Dev said That You promised me to Help me
    She Knows he is Stubborn and She said Other One
    Dev Said okay and He Said white or Other color She Said white and he Said Yes my choice too
    He Said okay Tomorrow 8am Sharp come soon
    She Said I cant I have Work he Said You have to Other wise I will tell Maa Than You have to
    She Cursed him in Bangla Language he said tell in Hindi
    She Standup and Towerds him and Said Why are You Dragging me In This He Said You and Maa Dragged me in This if you wont come I will Break this Engagement
    Precap : Ishwari Shares That Yours and Mine Destination is Same Than Why Sonakshi is Not accepting
    Dev Said May be She was Alone All Years That’s Why or I hurt her That’s why or Because of You

    Ishwari Looks at Him 

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