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  • Monday, 26 June 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 26th June Written Update

    Episode Start with

    Mamaji and ishwari on table and waiting for Food Mamaji teasing That if Jassi is Making then we have to Be Hunger
    Jassi comes with Food and ishwari too come
    Mamaji and ishwari are Shouting on Him for Food But Sona Said she told for this Food
    Sona said I will make other thing
    Ishwari said No need Mamaji said If You tell Before that we have to Eat This and Have to do Dieting So I will Eat Samosa Before
    They Start Eating and Remember old Days Suddenly Ishwari Slips Her Tongue and Remember About neha Riiya and Nikki Ishwari is Missing them
    Here Bose House
    Agent came and Gave Book To Asha and Said That This is Your 1st Publish Book and he Menstioned about Some Neighbour of Asha and Bijoy asked who is That
    Asha Shrugged and Said That This is Fictionla Book Okay No need to be jealous
    Here Dev is Get Soha and Golu Making Ready for School and Sona came and asked what are You doing let me Do This
    But Dev Sent her Away and Told her to Relex he will do and He Forcefully send her away
    Sona Listen Dev-Soha-Golu talks and Smiles
    She came to room and Search something in Cupboard and she About to Dail Number But Elena Caught her
    She Replied that I want to Fix This Family I want to Unite Neha Riya and Nikki
    Elena reminds her what happen Last time Sona Said I Remember But I want to do For Dev and Aunty
    Elena told her That You Just Started Why are You doing This

    Sona Said Don’t worry This Time I will handle 

    Sonakshi is Dilemma Somehow She Calls Riya who Ask Who are You ?
    Sonakshi Introduce herself that I am Sonakshi You May She Retorted That I Know Who are You and Why You Call me who Gave You My Number Please don’t Call me Again and She Cut The Call
    Sonakshi is Disappointed
    Here Riya calls ishwari who Seems So happy to See Her Call
    She Said I didn’t call to Ask whereabouts I just want to Know Who gave my Number to Soankshi
    Ishwari Explained her That Sonakshi is back in House and Dev wants Too This
    Riya Shout Back That what He wants or You wants Now Nothing Matters to me Remember DeV bhai Even Didn’t Attend my Marriage
    Ishwari Tried to make her Understand That This is Life and Dev will Soon apologies To you and Your Sisters

    She Accused ishwari that You always Wanted Dev Bhai Happy Only You don’t have Anything to Us
    Please We are Happy in our World and she Cut the Call
    Ishwari Thinks At least Sona tried and she is doing her Responsibility
    Here Bijoy and Asha having Argument over That Neighbour
    Sona is On terrace Thinking Something Dev comes with Coffee and Try to make her Mood Good But she is Disappointed over Riya Matter and she asked him That Are You or Aunty is Angry he Replied I was not Like Before

    She Said She Will Make Things Good and She will meet NehaSoon 

    Bijoy opens the Book and About to Read Asha caught Him and asked how can someone Read Like This
    He Said I just want to read about Him
    She Teased him That Beautiful memory not written Like This
    Little Little In Every Chapter and she Left Bijoy Confused

    Sona is Sitting on Swing and Dev on Floor Both Share Old Things Like How they Lied in Past About Her Movie and His Song How They Lied to Each other and They Teased each other Over this
    Seeing Dev Lost Sona asked what happen Again
    He Said How We lied each other
    He said I am Thinking That what we have Lost She Said No I wont let You Lost Now
    He Said No need to be wonder women Just be My Women
    She Said I Just one You to be treat Like This and he Said what me She Said Just My men
    Both Said Perfect Just perfect he Put his head on her Lap
    Morning ishwari Saw how Dev and Sona Are Making ready Suhana and Golu and how They Handle Everything Together
    Mamaji came and said This is Look so Good
    Four Greets to ishwari and Left for School
    Mamaji asked What Are You Thinking
    She Said God Listen Me See My Family is complete Dev has sonakshi in His Life

    Precap : Ishwari called Sonakshi and Asked Did You have any Talk with Nikki

    Nikki Opens the Gate and Saw Sonakshi on Door 

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