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  • Wednesday, 21 June 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 21st June 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start with
    Dev is Watching Laptop and Ishwari came inside and Ask Are You workinh He nods She asked You Look Worried ..he Said No..She said I am coming to Give You This..She about to Goout But dev Asked what is This
    She Said That This is Shagun..He asked Shagun
    There Sona asked Same..Asha Said That Ishwari ji Herself came and Give That Bijoy Said That I am Happy with This
    Sona and Dev Both said To There Family That They are Not Happy with this Marriage
    On Parallel Dev and Sona Both Said That This is So Early
    Ishwari and Both Family Are Saying That We want you Both Married Soon
    Dev Told ishwari That I wanna Focus on Sonakshi Now Just Sonakshi
    Bijoy and Asha Said That If Dev Didn’t Said yes How can She came Now We have Told her Yes
    Sona Thinks and She About to call Dev But His Call came and He Asked what You want She Said what You want I sent you Mail..He said That I want to Postpone This Marriage Idea She Happily asked That “You don’t want to Marry “
    He Said Only You want Then I mean If you want then we can marry
    She said There is Some confusion How can maa Come Then He informed that She Informed Him Just
    He Teased her That Means You don’t even Want to Marry She Said No I don’t want to marry Now
    He Said Thank You and She Said Same and Hung Up
    Dev Reads Mail where She Wrote that She is coming to Delhi and So many Things where she Wrote That I don’t want see You I want We never crossed Each other path Not even Want to Go Where You Walk

    He is So frustrated and he talks to Himself that I don’t want to Give You All Those Pain  

    He Saw a Flashback of her Mail Where Sona is Pregnant and she is Writing That because of This Truth he did lied to him and Now she is Pregnant with His Child But She Cant Share This Happiness to Him whom She will fight for Child's name and Evrything 

    ishwari Talked about Mamaji About dev and Sonakshi's decision of delay of Marriage 

    Dev Reached to Same Hospital where Sonakshi gave Birth to Suhana
    Sona is Calling Him and Somehow call connected and She asked hoim Why this Bengali Messages are coming
    He Informed her that He comes to Kolkata and same Hospital he wants to Feel Same Pain You have gone Through
    She Asked him why didn’t he Took her with Him
    He Said That I want to See All Those Moments If I don’t know What You Felt How can we move on
    You had suhana with Him Don’t Try to Look Into My Life She asked him when You will Return
    He Said I will come Today and Hung Up

    She Talks To herself That She Will fins out what happned with You and if you wont tell her she will ask Maa
    Here Dev comes  inside the Hospital and Seat on Bed after That He Saw Some Flashback where Doctor Told Sona To come Inside Dev Saw A Little Fat Sona come inside and Seat in front of Doctor
    Doc Asked where is Your Husband She Informed that We are Separated  She asked Who will be Parents

    She Said Sonakshi Bose Dev Cried And Said I wish I could Supported and Be with You 

    Suhana comes and asked Sona Mumma I saw a Dream about papa
    She asked what Dream ?
    She Expain I saw a Dream where I was So Little Baby and Papa was tickling Me
    Sona is Stunned and She asked When I was Little Papa Visited me
    Sona Nods in Negative But She Expanded Her That Papa Always Loves You and He Told Us That when Right time came we will be Together
    And She Hugged her
    Sonakshi came to Bose House and She Assist ishwari in Arranging clothe and She Apologies For her and Dev’s Reaction  

    She asked are You Angry ishwari Said No Do I look like But I just want You near me
    Sona Said I missed You So Much And I wanted to talked about 7 years
    Ishwari Said You can Ask anything
    She asked where is Nikki Neha and Riya I havnt seen in House nor You Talked To them

    Precap : ishwari told sona That She Missed her Daughter so much Sona asked why didn’t you tell Dev About This She Said how can I When dev is Responsible for my This Pain Sona is Stunned 

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