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  • Tuesday, 20 June 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 20th June 2017 Written Update

    Episode Start With
    Dev told Sona That we should Go Somewhere I want to talk so much with you wanna give You all Love Wanna Say So many thing do u Think same
    She Said We should Go Some Near not far from Suhana
    He leaned near her and Said This Near is Okay ??
    Both Got Call from Home and Dev ask who’s Phone ?
    She said Mom He Said No Mogembo’s Phone and They Smiles
    Elena Hugged Sona and Told her to tell me Everything How You Proposed her
    She Said He didn’t I Searched him Drive Auto and Proposed him Elena shocked You did She nods
    Suhana interrupted and Asked what is Propose ??? Sona asked what were you doing ?
    She Said I am Hiding from Dadi She is Making weird Salad That’s why I am hiding from her
    She Run and Elena Said That Maa is So happy with This I Wish Vicky too Sona Said don’t worry We will Make Everything Okay
    Meanwhile ishwari came and Sona and ishwari talked In Their Chat Sona Addressed her Maa and She Feels so happy she asked her to tell again Sona Said I will make You Boar By saying This And She tells again and ishwari Hugged her
    Bose House

    Asha is teasing dadi for remarriage thing Bijoy came and asked why no Non veg today ?
    Asha said because dev is coming and Door bell Rings
    Saurabh opens the Door and Dev Side Hug him and Said Now You cant Run from me
    He Said So Now Training will Start again and he is My Saalaa and I come to meet My Family

    Dadi said I wont consider you my family all Frowns But dadi said Untill When You Hug us all and They Group Hug But Bijoy Stay away Asha teased him that You are from family too
    Dev teased Asha…Bijoy came and Calls Them for Lunch

    Dev looks at Bijoy and Bijoy Welcomed Him

    Sona and Ishwari Shares Very Light Moments Where Sona told her That Suhana Informed me That You are Making Sandwiches for me
    She Said yes and She Pinched her cheeks But Sona Said You don’t have To do This
    ‘ishwari said Why I want To make Things which My Daughter Likes
    Ishwari Said I am So happy for You and Dev and That You realize This She Asked her To Promise me That we don’t let anything come between our relation
    She Said yes I Will Never leave You and both Hugged each Other

    Dev and Bijoy talked where Bijoy Shares How he wanna Go Home But he Feels So Positive Here
    He Asked him That Don’t let past over Your Future and Don’t Hurt my Daughter Again
    He Assured him that he will Try his 100%

    Ishwari came Bose House  After Dev Left She Sits with All and She Hesitantly asked that I want if you are okay I want Sona Back to Dixit House
    All frowns but Bijoy Surprised all By saying Go and Take Sweets and All Feeds Each Other   

    Here dev is Admiring Sonakshi and she is working She asked Dev I am Working Here any problem ?
    He comes and Talks that Untill You infront of me I don’t have any problem
    She Said We have Offices in One Building He Said yes But at Home there are so many People Mamaji and All He comes and Sit Near her and Flirted With her
    She Said I Will Go and make Coffee for us
    She goes and He sit on her Seat and Said Lets see What You work and he Saw So Many Mails by her to Him

    Asha Said I am Waiting from Past 7 years For this day
    Bijoy Said We should forget and Move On Now Please be happy and They Feed Sweets Each other

    Dev is Reading mail of Sonakshi where she wrote That I am So Happy that I found Out That I am Pregnant But I cant Share This happiness with That Person..I was Seeing You And You let me Go dev how can You do That Dev
    Sonakshi comes and Said Dev I was deleting This 7 years Ago I wrote when I was Angry let me Delete
    But Dev Stands up and Stopped her That You Live 7 years ago Alone with suhana How can You delete from Your Heart
    He Said I want to Know what You have Gone Through
    She Said Some things There which can Hurt You
    He said I want to Know Everything  we are Together now Send me This Mails
    She said okay I will But You have To Share what happened with You in 7 years  
    He Said I have Nothing to Share Nort even I wrote anything and You Know About me
    She Said Okay and he Frowns But Hide Something from her

    Precap : Ishwari said That I came to give You This Dev asked what
    There on Bose Hosue Asha gives same To Sona and she asked what is this Asha Replied shagun

    Sona Said I am Not Ready for Marrige and Dev seems Happy 

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