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  • Wednesday, 14 June 2017

    Kartik Confessed That He is Jealous from Kiran Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai UMT 14th June Video Wu

    Written Update

    Kartik is so Jealous from Kiran and He confessed in front of Naira That He is Not Liking Kiran is tagging alone with her everywhere 

    he is shouting on her That if You and I are Going to Tea he will come with us is it Necessary to come him everywhere i dont Like this 
    Naira is So Hurt with His Behavior

    Kartik'interview : He said That I was Jealous when he Touched her everytime they Talk he touches and They Chat Till Late Night he Calls her Babe Everytime so i get jealous and when i come To Spend Time with her He comes again so I locked a Room I Thought Kiran is Locked Inside but it was Naira locked and Unfortunately Short Circuit happened and Electric board Caught fire 

    Naira's Interview : She said when i hear all this i got upset and I make him understand and he Understood But Still i was hurt so i left

    Reporter Said Now Kartik You have To pamper her 

    Must watch this Video 

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