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  • Thursday, 20 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 20th April 2017 Episode 2368 Written Updates

    Episode start with 

    Kartik is wearing his Shirt and Naira came and Hugged Him and Said We Should go to Goeka Mansion

    Kartik Said No if They invite We will run there But Without No…Naira argued that we left our Own than why Invitation and You were about to cry when they were About to left You wanted Dadi To Stay for Some Time You Love Them Than Why this weird Behaviour
    Kartik Said I too don’t know Please Just Think we Go there and Things Go Wrong ?? Just Understand I am Going He Takes his Bag and Went out

    Singhania House Naitik Is angry on Naksh and he give him File and Left Naksh asked Gayu did I Do anything wrong She Said No Dada Ji came and Make Him Explain Things

    Kartik called Dadi and She asked Now You remember me
    Kartik asked Are You Okay She Cried and Said Okay
    He asked what are You doing Now a Days ,,,No Marriage No Function
    Dadi Asked Just Like This Pooja and Everything…What are You Doing He said I am going office
    Dadi Asked Tomorrow is Holiday or work ?
    Kartik asked Why are You Asking Dadi Said Just Like This
    He Cut the call and Told Himself That Just once Dadi You ddnt tell to Come

    Dadi To herself Just Once atlleast You should Say we will come

    Naira is Arranging Gifts and Everything and remembering Bhabhi Maa’s word
    Gayu called and She is with all Singhania’s Ladies and They teased naira about her Sasural and Herbal and Mineral water
    Naira lied That I am Making Murti and She Cut the Call and Cried and She Lost in Dream where She is Coming Downstairs and Took Dadi’s Blessing Greets With Suwarna teased Kartik who is working Than She Danced with Sulekhna and Suwarna and She looks at Kartik who is Sulking She Hold her Ears and Said Sorry and Suddenly She came out of Dreams

    She Told herself Please fulfil this Dream
    Naira Put on Earphone Start Ganguar Song and Preparing Soil for Murti
    Kartik came and Hugged her She Sacred and Kartik teased That Now Your Heart is just like You Small
    Smile Your husband has come home He Hugged her Again from behind and His hands With her in Soil and They Romanced with That
    Naira Put Soil in His Cheeks and He Wipes cheeks with her Cheeks and Kissed her Cheeks
    She Said Just Think When we two can enjoy like this Than what will happen when so Many We should go Naa??
    Kartik said No and Left

    Dadi Disappointedly Doing Pooja and Some dancers are Dancing on Folks Songs and Preparation is Going on For Ganguar Pooja Dadi Sensed Something Wrong and She Turned around and shouted That Stop This…..Manish Asked what happned ?? Dadi Said I have so many dreams Now all Just Shattered Manish Said No ma We have to fight This Situation This Is Agniparikha for You   We have sent Invitation Now we have to complete this Celebration
    Akhilesh Sulekhna all forced her and dancers Again Started and Manish said Guest are Started coming
    Suwarna is Preparaing Pooja Thal and Dadi told her They wont come Don’t Hope This Much Suwarna Stopped and Looked at Door …..
    Singhania’s Came There with Pooja and All Material
    They Greets and Dadi invited them In
    Manish Greets with Naitik Naksh…Naitik said we Just come here to Left Them (Ladies)
    Mishti asked where is kartik Jiju and Naira Di ??
    Dadi is shocked and about to replyt But Guest came and Dadi Said That I Just came
    Naira is Seeing Family oic in phone and She is Ironing Clothes Kartik came and said I will come Soon from meeting Naira Saw That Iron on Dress and she jerks and Said wopps Saved It…Kartik Asked what Hand or Duptta ??

    Kartik Hugged her an Teased her and Kissed her on Cheeks and Left for Work
    Naira Said That I am Just Silent for your Love But what About Other relation

    Goeka are Talking That Why Singhania’s Are came Suwarna Told That They Don’t Know about KAIRA left and Dadi accused That Wht you have donr invited Them Now what we will do

    Precap :Naira came to Goeka House and Left Note for kartik That I cant That Why I came

    And Kartik Throw That letter And Here naira Danced with All Ladies 

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