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  • Tuesday, 4 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 4th April Episode 2356 Written Updates

    Written Update

    Episode Start With Dadi is Going to See if Naira is ready or Not ?
    She Started Climbing Stairs Chachi Informed That Singhania has Arrived
    Dadi Watched Time and Said “Early ? Now If They came than I should meet Them
    Dadi came and Greets Them and Told That You Gave Respect to our Given Time But You are Guest Now IF you will come late That was Not even problem

    Singhania Frown Listen This
    They talked about Normal Stuff and Dadi asked about Naitik and Naksh Informed he is Sick Dadi Asked This Sick That He Even Not care to come to His Daughter reception
    And She Told Them to Take Your table Singhanias Frowned On This But they Took Their Table
    Here Kartik Banging on Door And Said Loud That are You asleep or Soemthing Somehow Naira Open Eyes and Opens the Door and Saw Kartik She Looks at his watch and Run to Room Kartik to run and ask What Happen She informed That Dadi told me to Get ready Before 7pm Here Dadi Is coming to see Naira is Ready or not
    There Kartik Held Naira and Told her to Stay Calm 
    Here Dadi met Suwarna and asked Where are You going ??
    She replied That I am Going to see Naira is ready or not ??
    Dadi scold and Told Her That You Think I cant do anything without you ??
    Suwarana replied That No I just going to see if she needs any help ? and Chnaged Topic That Your Kitty friend was asking You

    Here Kartik told Naira To get ready and she Informed Him That She Was Slept Kartik Told her Not to worry 

    Here Chachiji Informed Dadi That Naira slept Dadi Shocked to hear this 
    Mishti Listen And Informed Singhnia 
    Manish Announced That Soon Naira and Kartik will come down
    Dadi Informed Manish and He is Furious to Listen 
    There Suwarna is trying her hard to get her ready 

    Naitik saw Gift and Thinks That this is for Reception but they Must forget he calls Naksh

    Kartik and Naira came to hall Dadi Looks at them Kartik apolozied that if I were at her place I would Postpone This reception
    Chachaji Drag Kartik Somewhere
    Naira Also Said Sorry But Suwarna Apologies Behalf of Naira but Dadi Scold both 
    Naira held Suwarna Hand and Suwarna Stopped Her replying anything to Dadi
    Kartik came and Insisted That he will Meet Naira’s Family 1st than he will Go to stage 
    Manish replied That So many people came to meet But kartik Told No he will meet them 1st and he held her hand to take her But She Denied and Asked him to Go to stage 1st 
    Dadi taunted him that You don’t listen to me at least listen your wife 

    Sighed Kartik and Naira came to stage singhania so Happy to watch their daughter and Naira too

    They about to meet them but Media came with Bombard of question
    Naira Watch around no Naitik..?? He asks Kartik where he is 

    Media person asked Why are you so late 
    Kartik make atmoshphere light By Saying ladies Take too much time
    Chachaji announced that Diya Khan is going to perform 
    All took their seat and Diya Khan Started Performing on “Chitiya Kalaiyaan”
    Naira is Looking all the time to Singhania and Tried to spotted naitik but he is No where
    When the Performanes Finished naira about to go meet to Singhnia
    One Politician Pradeep came to meet Couple and He came to stage and Congratulate them
    Naitik came with Gift and Naira Saw Him Dadi came and Frown and when She about to go to naitik Daid held her hand and Signal her not to go 

    Precap : Pradeep offer to Couple to Cut Cake but Naitik suddenly falls and Naira Run to Him Saying papa all gathered around Him Dadi is Upset by This  

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