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  • Tuesday, 25 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 25th April 2017 Episode 2371 Written Updates

    Naira is Doing pooja Near water pond and Kartik Throw Little Stone with I love you written

    On it and She reads and Smile
    Bhabhi maa and Bua Saa Asked Dadi why they left House She Taunted You should ask naira he Only listen to her
    Here Kids Are Asking for Something and her Mother Explain that if You Caught Infection than we have to go to Doctor Naira listen and Talk to herself That I have to teach him Something Like This
    She Saw her Shadow in water and Talked again That Kartik is Just Like Shadow

    Naira Tried to Explain Naksh and Naitik and Bua Saa Taunted her That  You broke House and You Insulted us
    Kitrhi Asked them to come for Snacks
    Kartik come to Dadi with Snacks and Told her to Sit and He Made her eat tease fully
    She Said come home Than I will Do whatever you want
    I don’t want bitterness That Why I am Away from Home and He Feed her With his Hands and She Did Same and He Hug her
    Mansi is Tying Thread to Wall Ahkilesh asked what happen She Cried and Said I heard Panditji Is Saying if You apologies here than Your apology will be accepted You can forgive me But I cant
    Akhilesh make her Understand that move on In Her Life and She Left But Akhilesh stay there and Tied Thread and Confess That I am more Culprit to Hide Akhra’s Accident From Other and Aditya Listen This Ahkilesh Prayer That No One Come to know This and He left But Naksh Listen too on Other Side and He is Angry and Hurt to listen This

    Love Kush asked KAIRA to come Home and They said we wont Go If You cant come
    Naira Said This is Right Time we cant Come All shocked and She told herself Please kartik cut me off she about to say but Kartik did But He shocked her By Supporting her She Is Saying Right we cant come and Naira is Seeing her and Telling herself That This is Not right Kartik

    Here Naksh is Shocked and he Fell on floor Aditya came and Smirked He Kneel down and Said I know What are you feeling and He Put fuel and Said Its Dhoka And You anger is Justified she was Your Mother if I were Your Place I Dnt know what will I do and Naksh Left and Aditya said Now My Work is Finish Rest naksh will Handle

    Naksh is Crying and Walking Remembering Akhilesh’s word he came in front of Mansi Aditya is Seeing from behind Naksh Remember Mansi’s collapse During first time and later At Goeka House
    Akhilesh Give Shagun to Naksh and He accepted Slowly for Aditya its Shocking But Naksh Torn The Envelop and Singhania Said They should have left now Aditya Thought why Naksh Ddnt Said Anything
    KAIRA about to leave But Naksh Stopped her ….and He changed Topic and Said I Will drop You In car
    But naira Said We will manage by Taxi and They Left Hand in Hand Aditya feels Lost something he came to Naksh and asked why ddnt You said anything and he Put hand on his Shoulder and Naksh Jerks and Said I will Say when I want and I advice You to keep Your Mouth Shut

    Here In Car Dadi is Fuming That I was Right How Naira Said No and Kartik’s Face was So pale Manish Said I was Shocked too
    Suwarna is Thinking That Something wrong But Dadi Taunted Again  

    KAIAR come Home and Naira Asked You are Not angry Naa??
    Kartik Said Actully Yes But You can make Up to it..naira asked How Kartik Said Do I have to Tell How ???Think and Left
    Naira come after sometime in wet Hair Looking Seductively and She Said Don’t think That I did All This for You I did Because of Pooja
    And They Started Their Romance

    Precap : Aditya Said to naksh That What You Should DO That I am Doing Now I am Going to tell Everything to naira,,,Naksh is Running and Naira Fell from Stool

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