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  • Monday, 10 April 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 10th April 2017 Episode 2360

    Suwarna is Gifting Kangan To Naira and She About to herself Made her wear But Kartik stopped her hand and Pull naira’s hand and Told Suwarna that How many times I told you but Now Listen Clearly Stay away from me and My Wife Otherwise You and Your Husband wont like what will I do?
    Naira is shocked she Tried to stop him Kartik Stopped her And Told Suwarna stop this Nautanki and Don’t give us anything and Don’t accept that I will Give You
    Suwarna left and Kartik told Naira that we will leave in some days from here 

    Here Manish is Talking to Naksh About Kartik is working under Naitik and He is Very lucky 
    Akhilesh and Manish are trying to say Naksh that You talk Kartik about this 
    Naksh Nodded and Kartik came there he Hugged him and Both Greets 
    Kartik asked about naitik by saying him Papa and Manish Frowns  over this 
    They Talked about Pagpehera and kartik told him that I will come But Akhilesh Stopped him by saying I have work Kartik sensed and told Naskh that I have work and Naksh teased him
    Dadi Scold Suwarna that Why you gave that Kangan To naira are You stealing my rights Suwarna told I gave from behalf of all 
    Dadi Told suwarna to Stay away from Kartik and Naira and Naira listen This and She Run to Her Room Listen all this 
    Kartik Saw this and Run behind her 
    Here Naira came to room and Falls On Floor and she remembers what dadi told her That She  is bahu Not beti and all those  moments where Dadi scold her
    Naitik came to Room and Saw her floor and asked what happened 
    Naira Lied and Kartik asked again Naira Just hugged him
    And Told Him that she did so many mistakes 
    She told that Aditya Left without Eating and Kartik Told Her to stay calm that’s Not That matter 
    Kartik asked anything More and Naira told About what dadi told about kangan 
    Seeing Kartik Silent Naira asked say something 

    Kartik fumes and Shouted on Naira That Suwara is Fault She was Always She know How to talk sweetly and She Took Dadi to her side and Mr Goeka he was…he stopped and Held Naira’s arms tight and told her that If Mrs Goeka ask anything than told her that we don’t have nay relationship with You Naira is Shocked to Listen this 

    Naira retorted that You Hate her but she doesn’t that why she took my promise and She stopped 
    Angrily Kartik asked What promise She took??
    Naira Tried to hide and Kartik asked angrily again which Promise ??

    Naira remembers That promise Suwarna asked she held his hand and told him and She asked say Something
    Here Dadi Enters in Room and She Started Nazar utarana and gave Gifts for her family and Dadi told that her that come before 7pm 
    Kartik left from there and Dadi Noticed this 

    Kartik angrily came to hall and He about to Collide with suwarna and she said sorry that I came in your way Kartik Replied What is New in this Before I tolerated but Now You change Your ways 
    Here Naira in Room and She is lost and Hurt her hand  Kids asked what happened
    Naira who is lost and Told to herself that I too don’t know what happened
    Naksh is Eating Kachori made by Naira he commented that I cant believe this Made By Naira 

    Kartik who is lost replied I too cant believe she came and BOMB fod diya
    Dadi came and told Naksh to take Naira home and Naira meet with all 
    Naksh came to car and Naira is Last in All family members She looks back for Kartik But he nowhere She lost in Thought and She ddnt see That One lamp about to fall on her But Kartik Pulled her and lamp falls on ground and she Turns around and see her right hand hold by Suwarna who also saved her
    Kartik asked Are You okay ?

    All asked Are You okay and Naksh Takes her hand and took her with Him
    Naira Looks at Kartik from car and he looks in different direction 
    She left and Suwarna’s eyes met with Kartik She wished that Now Not more Broken things

    Precap : Naira and family dancing in Singhania House and here Kartik is packing his things in bag and he came out with bag

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