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  • Friday, 14 April 2017

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th April 2017 Episode 1126 Written Updates

    Episode Start with

    Mrs Bhalla gave blessing to Aliya
    Mani gets Call From office and he informed Shagun That He will come soon
    And Mihika Performs Bua’s (Father’s sister) Rituals
    Mrs Bhalla Who will do Mama’s Rituals ??Bala came and Performs this Rituals
    Ruhi came with Belan and Shouted on Aliya go and make Tea for me
    Pihu asked why are you talking Like This to Bhabhi
    Ruhi said I Am Nanand So I have right Not only me You too Are Nanand let me teach you and She Suddenly laughed and All Realized That She is Teasing Her
    Than ruhi Gifted Aliya Her Earing which she Got from Aditya in Childhood Than She Hugged her and apologies for her Behaviour and She Said Sorry to everyone
    All are happy and Emotional Seeing This

    Same Peon came and Hide Somewhere and Watch this
    Ruhi is Excited for Sangeet and She Is Sharing this to everyone and She informed there will be competition between youngster and Older
    Romi got call from Aditya and he gave phone to Aliya and Aliya come out of house to call but Same peon came to her and tried to Caught her but She Screamed Loud and That Man Run Away from there
    Raman too behind him but That Man was caught by Guards and Ishita came and asked who is this ??
    Romi and raman Informed That He is Peon and Raman remembers that Why he was asking and That Man got chance to Run Away Guard to run away from  there and He Climb to Truck and Run away
    Ishita Suspected That His Beard his Not original and then She saw one Mangalsutra and she Asked herself Why Mangalsutra with him
    Raman comes and Told Because of You he ran away
    Ruhi came there and She pointed other direction from where Adi is coming via Car
    He came and Told all that Surprise ishita whispers raman to go and Complaint in police
    Adi asked Everything okay All  lied to him
    Ishita came inside and informed Aliya that Adi is here and project is important Aliya told her that she will hide this from him
    Adi came inside and Told them Are You Not happy ??
    All laughed and Adi informed about Project and all


    Ishita came to Room and Tried to inform him about That Man’s But Raman cut off her and Knocked in door And ruhi came and asked Why don’t we do something special for Sangeet
    Raman left and Ishita Asked what You have in Mind

    Ruhi Explain that One AV for Aditya and Aliya and We will play life Journey
    Ruhi asked all Pics of Adi papa and Yours
    Ishita informed That All pics is with Amma in trunk
    She Further told that Mani’s Picture too if you want
    Ruhi asked than she must have Aliya’s real parents pics too and than she asked why ddnt we haven’t seen Her Real parents pic
    Ishita told that he is so protective towards her that’s Why
    Ishita gave her some pic and about to leave But raman tried to stop her by teasing her That she is old but ishita made fun of him and left with ruhi

    Iyer House
    Mrs iyer gave them Coffee and left for sleepin and Ishita and ruhi are watching old Pics and collecting for AV
    Than Ruhi take out ishita’s old pic and ishita told that its her pic from her 1st day of practise than Ruhi’s and Adi’s pic and Than They laughed over Raman’s Khadoos Pic

    Than she Take out Mani’s pic and told her that he was like kamalhasan in College Days
    Suddenly Ishita caught one pic and she frowns Ruhi suspected and asked what happen ishita change the Topic and Hide that Pic She Told ruhi To collect pic and than come later
    Here ishita came to Raman and tried to wake up he Shouted on her What you want early in the Morning and he tried to sleep again   But ishita adamant And She take him to Mani’s house

    Here Adi and Ruhi are watching old pics and Ruhi gave Mani’s pic To adi and he Capture that pic and sent to Aliya and he called her That Did you see the pic or not
    Aliya saw pic and laughed suddenly Door bell rings she told him to hold
    Here  Shagun asked both what happened and ishita asked where is mani..Mani came and asked what happened ishu ?
    She told him that I want to ask some question to you ? he said yes please asked
    Aliya informed Adi that ishita and raman has come and Adi told this to ruhi than Ruhi told him About ishita’s sudden changed behaviour adi told her that We should go there
    Here Ishita Asked mani where is Aliya’s Appa(Father)
    Precap : Mani shouted on ishita That how many times you will asked me same question
    Ishita give him pic and asked him see pic and tell me who are in pics???

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