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  • Tuesday, 4 April 2017

    Very Sad News For Ishwari Haters and Devakshi Lovers Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 4th April Spoiler

    In Yesterday's Episode Saurabh Ceremony's Over Dev has Taken Blame on him and Asha Knows That Truth Suhana Came to Dev and told Him That She Believes on Him
    Later Sonakshi came to know the Truth 

    On The Other hand Ishwari called Dev and Informed Him about Her VeshnoDevi Tour 

    In Precap Dev is Telling to ishwari That Suhana dont want to live in Dixit House so he would like to take a separate house where he and sona can take care of Suhana

    All the Devakshi Lovers After Watching was Gone Crazy But Makers Have others Plan This Will be Very Sad To Know That This Is A dream Sequence of Ishwari and She will be very sad After This 

    Dev is Living with Bose Driving Ishwari to New heights of Insecurity what will she do Next ??? Let Us Know Your Thought in comments 


    1. Why are you dragging this ? Instead let ishwari learn from her mistakes n mend her ways. Even Mamiji n her son should learn a lesson. Golu also deserves a caring family.

      1. There is lot of anger, hurt and bitterness inside Devakshi and they don't want to get affected from each other. This is the reason why Dev said i don't wanna know how she suffered.

        They are tired and hopeless in case of their relationship.

        Both of them are blinded of their families faults and most importantly their own faults. If Dev is blind towards Ishwari, then so is Sonakshi towards Bijoy. The biggest problem is they both think its other person's fault which cost their relationship. They have a looonnnggg waaayyy to go. :/

        Golu and Soha are cuties. Just love them