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  • Thursday, 6 April 2017

    Kya Lagta Hai Jatin Tumahara Chacha Hai Mama Hai Fun Post Must Read Kuch Rang Pyar ke Ese Bhi

    Something crossed my find after being sad for around 10 mins and a bit of argument sort of with one of my closest friend and she's gonna read this post too and understand.

    Ohk... Getting back to the fun mode.

    Dev babu aapke dimaag ki batti jal hi gayi. Finally aapne sahi track pakda hai. Bas thoda sa track ke bahar ho. Chaliye main laati hun aapko line pe.

    Haan toh aapne Sona se kya poocha? Lagta kaun hai wo tumhara? Chacha hai... Mama hai... Kya hai??

    Sona: Bahot Kuch.

    Ji haan Dev babu. Jotin bhaiya Ji Sona ke chacha ya mama nahi hai. Unke bahot kuch hai.

    Kyuki wo Mama toh Suhana ke hai. Chacha toh ho nahi sakte na. Aapke bhai nahi hai.

    Toh conclusion nikal gaya. Jatin Bhaiya Ji Suhana Baby k Mama hai...

    Problem solved.

    Jawab mil gaya na aapko. Kuch aur poochna hai toh poochiye... poochiye poochiye... Aap pooch sakte hai.😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

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