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  • Tuesday, 4 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 4th April Episode 286 Written Updates Live

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    Written Update

    Episode Start With Sona is Sleeping and Dev come over her face and She opens her eyes

    He covered her mouth and Drag Her out She asked how dare You ??
    Dev Yelled “Dhokha Dard I know You were talking about My Mom I Know You ddnt take my Mother’s Name
    Sona replied with equal Anger that So You assume Yourself 
    Dev replied yes but You Just Became What You are Not and on basis of This You were trying to Broke Saurabh and Ronita’s Marriage You are Changed
    Sona Replied  That You don’t have to interfere in My family matter 

    Frustrated dev said Oh yes I am Sorry and left
    Sona too Come and Room and She calls Jatin and asked That is She Changed in 3 years ??
    Jatin replied No and Gave her his Support
    Frustrated Dev in hall Drinking water just than Asha came and Talk to him

    Dev and Asha Talked about Their relation and Dev Told that he Too

    Dev and Asha Talked about Their (Dev-sona) relation Asha Told Him that Sona has Suffered  and Dev Told that he Too Suffered In That relation and That’s Why relation broke

    Sona told jatin That Dev Thinks that she is Became like Dev and She remembered Rain Dance from Camo where Dev Told Her Same That You became Dev

    Dev came to House and ishwari So happy to see Him and she asked where is Suhana
    Dev informed That Suhana Don’t want to live in this House so He Will live in separate House with sona and suhana and They can meet there
    Ishwari Broke and asked Than she have to call every time and she is Panting hard and She opens her eyes and mamaji asked hat Happen To You I was Trying to wake Up She informed him That She saw this Bad Dream she have to meet Dev and Suhana Before She leave For Veshno Devi
    Here asha came to ROnita’s Mother and Told her That She Knows The Truth so You call Bijoy and told him everything and Asha Left and Then Ronita Listen Everything and She asked her Mother what she did her Mother fumed and Told her she did for her
    Here Ishwari came to dixit house and tried Dev’s Phone but Not got connected Same time sona came out and saw her she asked what are you doing here ?
    Ishwari told her that she is leaving for veshno devi so she wants to meet Her son and suhana
    Sona called inside and Dev came and meet his mother

    Golu and Suhana are Talking Suhana asked golu for marriage Pic of Her mother and Father and Golu brings that and Gave her

    They talked where golu told that I came to know That Your Mother always fight with Dev and Suhana Told him That I listen asha and Mom are Talking That Dev always Fight That’s Hwy I ddnt want to meet him
    Dev listen This and Fumes and He lfet from there

    Dev is Thinking about What Suhana Told “Mumma Kahr rahi Thi Ki papa ko rishte Nibhana Nahi aata”
    Bijoy came and Taunted Dev That How Shameless Some people That After Stealing Some people Still Live Here and Saurabh Passes by and Bijoy stopped Him and by Him he taunted Dev
    Dev have Enough and he shouted on him that When me and Sona having fight My mom Told me to stay in another House But I ddnt but You What You did when your Daughter left My house You encourage her and Let her Did what she wanna 
    Sona listen all and She shouted on Him that You cant talk to my father like This We Allowed t=you to live Here and You are doing this Leave my House
    Dev retorted and Told Her That if I leave I will leave with My daughter 
    Sona told Him That I am Not old Sona Whom You can Threaten 
    Dev told her That I Know Who you are and You told Your Daughter that your father cant handle Relationships
    Asha came and shouted Enough and Told Bijoy and Saurabh to leave

    Precap : asha Told Dev and sona to sorted out their Differences for Suhana
    Both told that they have no fault and asha told That If you dnt than I will take suahan Away 

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