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  • Monday, 3 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 3rd April 2017 Episode 285 Written Updates Live

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    Episode Start with Jatin is Talking with Golu and Golu Informed Him Same That We Thought 1st Time when we see you With Suhana We Thought You are Her Papa

    Suddenly Dev fed Him and Said Eat 
    Than Jatin tried to Talk again but Dev fed Him Again and tried to shut him Up
    Golu revealed Something and Dev Slap on his forehead
    Golu again started But Dev Called maid and Told her To Take Golu to Suhana
    Jatin Supported Dev and Told That You took brave Decision to come here 
    Dev told That I did for Suhana I Love Her 
    Before They talk Someone Shout
    Both Run to there where Asha is trying to console Ronita’s Mother
    Asha is Saying That Why Someone Stole only Jewellery Dev’s Doubt on Confirm on Ronita’s Mom
    As he Remember Her Frown face when he spotted her   
    Here Saurabh Said he Will Pay for jewellery and Bijoy Supported Too
    Dev told Sona About his Instincts and Sona Blasted on him That You don’t have to show Your James Bond Avatar Even You don’t have any proof And This is my Family and You dnt have to interfere
    Here Ronita’s Mom Said Thank You for Paying for Money of Jewellery

    Ronita and Her parents about to left from car But Ronita’s Mother Told them to wait for her She Forgotten her purse and She Came Where She Thrown her Purse and When she is Searching Dev came with Purse and Told her to Say what You did otherwise I will Told Everyone You stole This 

    She Stopped him and Started Telling him That She Did Because of Sonakshi as She has success so Will Later use This Power 
    Dev Fumes and asked What are You talking about Yes I dnt have Anything to do with Sona But my Daughter Live Here So I am doing This for Her and If You do anything You have to Face me 
    Dev threaten her That Tomorrow You Call Asha and Told her That You did and She Agreed
    Dev turned and Saw Asha Is standing there Watching all This Asha Nodded



    Dev came to Room and about to put Purse in Cupboard Bijoy came and From is Expression dev Understand what Will happen next
    Bijoy call everyone In hall and accused Dev For Stealing Jewellery He called him Thief Asha Tried to say but Dev gave her signal to stay quite Suhana Listen everything and Left from there 
    Saurabh about to leave bijoy asked where are You Going He Said either he will live here or Dev
    Bijoy told Dev to leave but Dev said I wont leave this house I dnt know what come over me and I did that But I wornt leave This house 
    Sona shouted on him but he donr care and Left 

    Suhana came to dev and told him That She Saw asha and him Talking via Signals I Know You Never did This Things and I Will keep This Secret 

    Asha and Dev talked and Asha asked why ddnt you let me Say anything and Hear All Those accusion  
    He Said I dnt want Saurabh and Ronita’s Marriage Broke because of Ronita’s mother Insecurity and She Stole Jewellery
    Jatin and Sona Talked over this and Sona Told Him That Dev is Hiding something and She came to talk dev and Listen Asha and Dev’s talk
    Dev Told sona Not to Say Sona Retort and Told That Everyone needs to know Otherwise This relation will be just like Ours
    Asha told Sona To leave She will Decide What to do or what not

    Ishwari called Dev and Informed Him That She and Mamaji are Going to vashno Devi
    And she will Prayer for Dev and suahan
    Dev told That Please ask Your Mata happiness for Suahana but for me There is Nothing Your Mata have for me
    Sensing something Wrong ishwari Asked what Happened? But Dev changed Topic 
    He Informed That In Soon He will be there with suhana

    Dev Remembered What Sona Told and he ot angry

    Precap : Dev told ishwari that Suhana don’t want to live in dixit House So he Sona and Suahan are Shifting to Other house   

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