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  • Tuesday, 25 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 25th April 2017 Live Written Update

    Episode Start with
    Jatin Stopped Car at Dev’s Old Rented House She remembers Dev Told Her About This House
    Sona asked Dev where are You ??? She remembers Dev told her I Love You here She Asked Dev which place is More Important than This

    Here Son and olu Prepared Cake but Golu asked If they don’t Like Cake will They become Together
    Suhana Said May be they Are celebrating Some where Else

    Sona Told That We are where Dev and I  found Each Other But I know where is He He was there where we Lost Each Other

    Here Ronita is Upset and Saurabh asked Let me ask Baba and Maa What they Hide About Sona’s from You??? Ronita Said No This is Small Thing Surabh said Than Why are You upset
    Bijoy listen and Asked who is Upset?? Surabh Lied That She is Missing her Family
    Bijoy Said That You are Just Like Sona To us

    Here Dixit House
    Vicky is tried to tease and Romance with Elena He Said Dev and His Exwife wont celebrate Anniversary lets Celebrate He is Shirtless and They are Having Moments But Golu and Suhana Interrupted Them that we want to Listen Story Vicky Denied But Elena Said yes Go To Bed I Will tell You Story and She Said Vicky I will tell You story Tomorrow

    Mamiji Is Searching any car But She Ddnt Find any Than She Come in front of Mini truck and Paid him To Follow One Car

    Golu and Suhana Are Fighting Over Story and Golu Said I want to listen Super Hero Story 

    And Suhana Said No i want to Listen Pricess Story Both Fight and They Said we will do Competition Who Wins and Stiry will be according to That 

    They Said They will Play Tug of War and Elena Said Here how 
    Than they Start playing with Pillows and Sheets and Mamaiji came and asked What are You doing than Elena Explained 
    Golu lost and Suhana Wins and They teased Golu he gets angry and left 

    Here Saurabh is Angry and He Said To Bijoy and baba that You Only Concern About Sona What About Ronita And Asha asked what happen Than Saurabh Said That Ronita Feels Hurt when You Hide anything from her

    Same Time her Mother and father came and shocked to See the Scene Ronita Hugged her Mother and she asked why are You crying Asha said to Ronita May be i Forget about my Promise Please forgive me and She Hugged her and Things Sorted Out But Ronita's mother Seems Upset with This Things 

    Suhana called Sona and asked will You come with papa 
    Sona Said yes i promised You She Said I missed you Both Please come soon
    Sona Said yes i will....Sona Said I know You wish And Soon I will complete Your Wish of Perfect family that You can Even Draw This In Paint too Suhana Said I Know why are You both Read Happy Ending Story because In real Life Happy Ending is Not happen Sona Said Now This Time i will complete Your wish 

    Both Said I love You to each Other 

    Vicky came And hugged Elena and she Said About Golu how he is Missing our Attention He is Always with Dev Bhai...and Dev Bhai is Busy in his Life So we Should Pay attention to Him and They came to play with Golu who is Playing Alone They tried To Play with Him and he Said Why are You here i always Play with Big Cha Elena Said Lets Go to Mall And play Games There Golu Said No i will Play with Big cha Only but Golu Said No i will go with Big cha...Vikcy Fumes and Said That Your Big cha only Play with his Daughter and he Shouts in him and he Run to His Room Elena Shouted On Vikcy that Why She Asked his Help

    Here Khatri came out from car and Walk Somewhere
    Sona too Come at That Place Which is Farmhouse and she Remebers all Those Scene Dev accused her 
    She Saw Dev's bike There and she talks to herself that For You I am here and For me You here too But She Shocked to see Khatri is there 

    Precap : Khatri is Saying to sona That I Take Out Money from ishwari By Blackmailing her That i will say Your Crime to Dev and Now I will do Reverse he shows her CD and Said ishwari's confession in this CD

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