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  • Thursday, 20 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 20th April 2017 Episode 298 Written Updates

    Episode Start with Sona Asked Khatri which work??
    Khatri Said I know what She did that’s Why she Scared everytime When She Sees me
    Sona told That You are Blackmailer and You can do only This
    Khatri told Her Not to Insult him and Just Say Where she is ??
    Sona Told I am Just Like Shield for her Khatri told her What She Did Not even Dev Knows
    He told that I am Giving a Hint That She has House Where She Did work before That Go and Found out That House is Still lock

    Sona Shivered and Said You are Lying
    He Said Just Think How Dev has A Huge Mansion when her Mother Just worked In Small Chawl
    Sona Said Dev has Built This By His Hardwork and He Said That I dnt want You money Just pass my One Message to ishwari and Left

    Jatin came to Sona and asked what he told

    Saurabh is sulking about Hotel and Ronita make him comfortable And said You have to live with me
    Asha and Bijoy Enjoys in same Hotel and Bijoy and Saurabh Ordered Same Dishes For Dinner

    Doctor come out of Suhana’s Room and Said she is okay Now
    Dev Happily come inside and Said That I have Missed You so Much suhana Now No More Stories From outside
    She asked where is mumma ??? Dev frowns and said She is Out for work
    Suhana Said That But Today we are about to Sleep together
    Dev Told her That Now we can live Sleep together and Suhana tells him that How much she loves him

    Ronita came in Same Dress Saurabh Gifted and He is Decorating Room
    Saurabh Said You are Looking si Beautiful and Both Danced and Talked Romantically

    Sona came in room and Saw Dev and suhana on bed are playing
    SUhana asked where were You I am Waiting for So Long
    Dev remembers where was She ?
    Dev told suhana to get Your teeth Brush

    Dev told Sona That I have shifted You Luggage  

    In Guest Room 

    Sona asked How can You do This
    Dev Told That This is My House My Rule
    Sona Said That We have Deal He said I have Broke Deal Just like we Broke Everything

    Dev Said we cant live in same Room Sona Said This is Not Done
    Dev Said Don’t make me Scream on You same Time Golu and Suhana came and asked for Story Dev Said To Suhana That You mom is tired she Did so much work Outside so She is Going to Sleep in other Room

    Here Saurabh Fumes when the Order Still not come He goes To reception and Bijoy too come to Reception and Saurabh shouted that Your Service is Not Good We have Ordered 2 hours Ago Still not come
    Receptionist asked You Room No is This …Surabh Said No He Said Than who ordered this …Bijoy came and Said we Ordered and Bijoy and asha there and Ronita and Surabh shocked to see them

    Sona came to Room and shocked to see His and Jatin pic on Wall and She Fumes and asked dev what is this
    Dev Said Your reality
    Sona Said What the…Dev Said What are You doing I Don’t Surprise to see you…You left your Daughter and went with this Men
    Dev Accused her And Sona asked are you Questioning on me character
    Dev Said what character ??
    Sona is Cried and Dev continued That Don’t say He is Your Friend Just Like We were friends and Then out realtion goes on
    Sona Said You don’t Know my relation with Jatin
    Dev Shouted Than tell me what is but I dnt care
    Sona asked than why You followed me and why you did this
    Dev Said Because I wanted to Know What You do with Him Want to know What That Girl do whom I loved But That all Was Fake Everything

    Bijoy Asha and Ronita Saurabh Are talking and they asked each other what are Doing here
    They Teased each other

    Dev said once You broke me But Now You have to Say me he Held her Arms What Relation You have with Jatin
    She replied That he was my friend and he is My friend and always be
    He said No You are Lying
    Dev Said You Know How to take Advantage of me I always Believed You I was fool You trapped in Your Love
    He Held her again and her chin and Said “insaan apni firat kabhi Nahi Badal Sakta “
    Sona Said You Just crossed Your Limit
    Dev Caught her Hand and asked again what Jatin relation with You Why you went with him
    Sona Remembers Khatri’s word she said I cant tell you
    Furious Dev Said you broke my heart and I cant Live here and He about to go Sona held his hand and asked where are You going
    Dev Said What right You have on me to stop and He Left

    Sona is In deep thinking remembering Dev’s word
    Suhana and golu talked each other They Mumma papa are Sad
    Sona turned and asked Suhana are You Okay ??
    Suhana asked Are you Sad??
    Sona aked why are you Asking
    suhana Told her That Golu told me that When Bih cha is Sad he Stands like This on The Window

    Precap : Sona have Dev’s pic and she is crying That Dev I need Your help we have to fight together
    Dev is somewhere

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