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  • Tuesday, 18 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 18th April 2017 Episode 296 Written Updates

    Episode Start with 

    Episode Start with
    Dev asked Why are You Asking this ?? Sona changed Topic and Said No Need to say if you don’t want
    She about to left but Dev Said One Men was from whom she Scared So much ?
    Sona remembers What Kahtri told Her
    Sona asked why ddnt you file complaint…Dev Said That time I was Kid I ddnt do anything But Now If he come than I will and He Looks at her why Do you care About mom
    Sona Replied I always care Dev Taunted That May be Behind Your Selfishness This Things Hide Somewhere
    Servant Came and asked Sona Ma’am You said What I Prepared for lunch Sona replied You asked Mamiji but he said She is busy on phone from Long time

    He sees Dev is Drinking coffee and He Complimented That She Makes Good Coffee and She Ordered your fav Food Your wife and Both Cut off by saying That I am Not his Wife and he said Same

    They have eyelock and she left
    Asha called and Asked why are you Stressed ??
    Sona told That I am Thinking That I am Interfering in Dev’s family’s Life
    Asha Told her What dev Did for us By Taking that Blame on himself
    Sona realized and She Hung Up

    Bose House
    Bijoy Tried to make Atmosphere light between Saurabh and ROnita But Saurabh left

    Dixit House
    Sona and Elena are talking and Elena asked Sona Are You  upset about Dev’s GirlFriend
    Sona Said No But Elena Said That He may have Girlfriends But He only Loved You

    And From Your Side its same  

    Dev caught Vicky’s coller and confront him for using up Golu's 2 crores fixed deposit by him . Dev shouts at Vicky for playing with the future of golu !! Sona witnesses the Anger 

    Mamiji and Mamaji are shocked 
    Dev threaten Him that Deposit money asap 

    Sona called Jatin and tell him about what she talked with Dev and Jatin Saying Something But Sona said What If Dev come to know what will his reaction and she turned around and saw dev is standing There 

    Dev over hears her talks with Jatin and he Fumes and told her You showed Your true Color What are You Hiding Your Relation with Him Sona is Fumes and replied That I am not surprised You Said This 

    Saurabh and Ronita have Talked over Gift 

    Next Scene continue from Dev-Sona Talk Dev Tanuted her Relationship with Jatin and She retorted that You were with so many girls after me But I never Questioned You and What we do in our life You dnt have to bother Now You are Accusing me and For A Second Don’t Judge my love with Suhana we were Good without You and we will If you are not in our life Dev realized and he left 

    Sona Said Herself That Dev I Don’t want to take away suhana From You

    Saurabh told Ronita That Sona has some problem but I cant share and If we can cancel This US plan Ronita Assured him that She is Not feeling bad

    Elena and Sonakshi Talked about what Vicky has Done Elena said That I want to Run away with Golu But Sona Hugged her and Said Not to think about this

    Ronita and asha talked and Asha Shared she is worried for Bijoy’s reaction over Dev-Sona 

    Dev is Doing pushup and Thinking about Sona’s reply and he is Doing now Fast Golu came and Sit on His Shoulder and golu Told him about Hwy Girls cry and why boys don’t Dev Talked to him Same and Golu said You said When I was Kid That we hurt Whom we love so Much and Dev realized That olu teach him Something and He Murmurs that Miss Bose we hurt each other because of this

    Precap : Sona and Jatin In Car and Sona Sharing that She is Stressed That They hide this from Dev..and Dev is talking their pic in camera and Shocked

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