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  • Monday, 10 April 2017

    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi 10th April 2017 Episode 290 Written Updates Live update

    Episode Start with 

    Bose family is taking Bijoy to hospital

    Suhana is questioning What happen to dadu and Dev for not taken care of bijoy when they are locked 
    Dev and Sona shocked to hear this  
    They came took him in car and Dev on Bike
    Doctor informed That BP is High and He shouldn’t have That Much drink
    We kept him in observation
    Asha Cried and Suarbh gave consolation Asha accused herself
    Dev came and apologies and Sona stopped and told not to say sorry
    You only can hurt people and people comes in your talks and later regretted 
    Just like I did 
    Remember What suhana asked Why ddnt you take care of Baba For suahan you are Superman But No You are Not You cant keep family together My father is superman he always kept his gamily together remember if anything happened to baba I cant forgive you nor Suhana will
    Asha saw Bijoy from Outside and Cursed herself but Saurbah told that Your Plan worked Both Dev and Bijoy were dancing together

    Dixit House

    Mamiji stppoed Elena to come to hospital and She blocked her way and Said No means No

    Doctor informed that Bijoy is okay you can meet him

    Sona and Asha went to meet but dev stopped
    Bijoy Joked that You thought I was one no I wont that too early
    Bijoy teased asha and asha Scold him why you drank??
    Bijoy saw Dev and he told asha that Dev stopped me but I drank and he gesture Dev to come in
    Dev Apologies saying by uncle and Sona Frowns listen this
    Bijoy said Not to say sorry and Ronita came in room here Bijoy again teased and Dev told that Your moves were Good

    Bijoy teased ROnita and Saurabh and all Joked around Sona sw dev Fwornly 

    Asha is Feeding Bijoy and She Told him that You are just Like Child

    Dev is thinking something and Sona Gave Him Coffee he Thanked her She Said Sorry Dev stopped her and Told No need for Explanation 

    Dev asked You remmebred mom was hospitalized Sona said No Dev again asked but she Said No she remembers how dev told they should breakup than dev asked You dnt remember you broke up with me she said No You did broke up not me Dev told than u remember so he told that I accused you and You accused me So Please I can undertstand No need for sorry and we always blame each other this time to support each other

    Asha and Bijoy Talked about dev and sona’s relation ship and They decided to gave them their Support

    Bijoy with Other family member came to home
    Suhana came and asked how are you Dadu than Bijoy told that Your Papa Recused me he is superman
    Asha saw Sona’s Frown face she dragged her and aksed what happened Sona told what she did and asha scold her that You cant even Stay together for 7 days
    I am so disappointed

    Dixit house
    Golu is not eating and Demanded that I want to meet Big Cha
    Here dev came and Did fun with Golu and he apologies with elena
    Mamiji interrupted and told him not to say sorry and see you came back dev told no I came for Golu and He feeds Golu with his hands Vicky is seeing all this
    Suhana is lost somewhere sona asked where is papa I am missing him so much
    Sona remembers her talk with asha that all this for Suhana only
    Sona calls dev but he ddnt attend
    Suhana told let me call he will pick she dial but he ddnt pick Sona has something in mind

    Dev made golu sleep but he is not sleeping there Sona is reading bed time story for suhana
    Here dev tried to make golu sleep there suhana is not sleeping Sona told that I can read Papa’s story for You Suhana asked you remember papa’s story that means you still remember Papa’s story that means you too cant sleep without Papa’s Story
    Dev and Sona both lost in each other Thought how they fought

    Preacp : Dev is siing on not to do list
    Dev Told Not to do miss bose because just little more time after that You were in my house so no Rule no people Bijoy listen This

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