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  • Friday, 21 April 2017

    Kartik Became Violent In Goeka House Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai IBN 7 BTDD 21st April Video Wu

    Written Update

    Segment Start From where Naira Comes To Know About Her Mother's Accident is Did By Mansi and And Here Kartik is So Violent Reason ???

    Actually Naira and Kartik are coming Back to Goeka Mansion Today and Kartik is coming from Office Alone and He Thought Naira is already Reached When he Saw All Family at Gate to welcome Him There is No Sign of Naira 

    Kartik come to Know That Naira knows About Akshra and He Goes Violent and He started Braking Thing and Throwing Flower's mala her and There 
    Manish and Akhlilesh Tried to Stopped him But He Pushed Them Too

    Aditya is Smirking on Naksh and Naksh Realize that Aditya Told  Naira About Accident and he Beat him hard

    Reporter Said Now What Will Kartik do Because Naira want justice for her mother and She is hurt That Kartik hided This from her Will they separate or will Fight This Situation Together 

    Must watch this Video 

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