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  • Monday, 24 April 2017

    "KAIRA Came For Pooja " Yeh RIshta Kya Kahlata Hai 24th April 2017 Episode 2370 Written Update

    Naira and Other ladies came in house and all praised Naira
    All ladies asked about Kartik Media asked the same question That when we will Take naira and Kartik’s Pic together
    Love Kush Told Mishti That Naira and Kartik Live in Separate House
    Aditya asked Kirthi Where is kartik I came from delhi and Kartik even came in same City
    Naksh asked where is Kartik Aditya Taunted if anything Happen They wont tell us Kartik is One His Sasural Side before Marriage
    Aditya Taunted That May be they fight and Naira Shocked But Retorted That No we ddnt fight and If we than we can solve our own Seeing Naira angry Naitik asked is anything happened ??
    Mishti came and Said I will tell you and She told That Naira and Kartik are not staying in this House
    And she told That They leave house on Paghphere Day and Naksh asked That Means On That Day you were drinking tea on road You left House

    Aditya tried to put Fuel in Fire and Than Dadi Told Singhania That We thought you already Know You can ask her why they left but after Pooja
    And they left for Pooja and Naira Asked herself that I have to Make Things Okay

    Pooja Started and Dadi is fuming Becoz Kartik still ddnt came
    Naira is saying Herself that I wont do this Pooja if kartik wont came and She is Going backward and About to fall but naksh held her and Told be Careful
    She Nodded and Told To Herself That God Please Take care and She Feels Something and Turned around to see Kartik is Standing There
    He comes to her and hold her hand and her Murti about to fall but he held That too and She thanked him that You came and She said Sorry to That I came like This But They all Were asking for you and expecting You too…she said I am Stupid I have  Kept fast for You and But I hurt You by my action You Must be angry from me…He Said No I am Not and I swear to this God I am not that’s why I came and I was Angry before That You hurt me But later I Realize that what you did was Right
    Naira Said That this Pooja is Precious all were asking for You
    Kartik suddenly fumed That If we meet like This Than what use to live separately he shouted than Realize his Tone and He stoped and Told her That we have to inform Your family about this and he sees her Expression and She Told Him That They already Know

    Kirthi said Kartik has came…all are happy and All Camera moved towards him
    Dadi came and hugged him he Takes Blessing from other and Greets with Family Member one by one
    Media asked we thought you wont come
    He replied after marriage its my wife’s 1st Festival that’s why and Dadi Frowns
    Dadi said Lets DO Pooja
    Kartik came to naira and Teased her by Saying biwi Smile Otherwise You cant do what you came to do Here and He said one thing is true That My wife’s 1st Ganguar

    He than Met with naitik Naskh and Akhilesh and Manish Frowns
    He Told Naitik That I went to that House by my own Naira have no fault Manish frowns
    Naitik said is Naira happy with This Decision and If You both happy Than I am happy
    Naira Said Same Thing to Singhania’s Ladies and She Said we went for some Days Just keep Trust on me

    Pooja and Dance Start”Pyaar Mil Jaaye” Song is Playing
    Naira is in Middle and all ladies dancing around her
    After That Naira too start dance and After Dance they all Perform Pooja Togther  

    Precap : Naira is Talking and Capturing to Shadow and Saying kartik’s heart is Just Like This

    Akhilesh is saying That Mansi is Culprit in Akshra’s Accident and Naksh and Aditya Listen and Shocked 

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