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  • Monday, 17 April 2017

    Golu to Think His Big Cha doesn't Love Him Now Kuch Rang Ke Ese Bhi 17th April Upcoming Story

    Sony Tv's Serial Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Ese Bhi All Set to Take Its Viewers To Roller coaster Ride 

    One Side Khatri has Returned and Soon Sonakshi Will Start her investigation on Ishwari's Past on The On the other Side Dev is worried for Suhana hence he is Not Giving That Much Time to Golu he used to gave him Before

    Soon we will See A scene where Golu will tell Dev That You don't pay attention to me Now a days and you dont paly with me Now A days Dev tried to make him Understand So he Said ok Lets play then But Dev Said No he Has to go to take care of suhana after that he will back and than he will play

    Golu hurts Hear This and He Told Dev That He wont play with him anymore and he left from there 

    Here Dev is Thinking about how to convince dev But Than He remembers He have to go for Suhana's medicine and he left Here This Thing Hurt Golu more That Dev even came to talk to Him 

    What will You Think is This Vicky's Plan ???

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