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  • Monday, 3 April 2017

    Arjun Back To House Jamkar Ki Masti Beyhad UMT 3rd April 2017 Video and WU

    Written Update

    Segment Start Where Arjun On Knees and Apologizing His Mother for All his Mistakes
    He Said I am Back Maa Please Forgive me

    Vandna Melts But Gave Him a Slap and Than Hugged Him
    He Cried and Than He Suddenly Said I M Hungry Give me  Butter Paratha Coffee and So many Thing

    After That All members And Sanjh's Family There Too They Played Carom

    They Danced And Arjun Gave his Blessings To Ayan and His would Be Wife
    What Will Maaya Do Now Must watch

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