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  • Friday, 31 March 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai 31st march 2017 EPisode 2353 Written Updates

    Naira came and Stood in Front of Kartik He compliment Her By Saying That If You Look Like This 
    Daily I will die
    He came Behind Her and Held her Arms and Told That You need One tonic This Time And Tonic name is Love, Talk and He gave her Phone and Told her To talk to you Father Your Smile will Came back
    Bhabhi Ma called Dadiji and asked Any Work For Us ?
    Dadiji taunted That Why you will work You Just came as Guest Just Like Ladkiwale 
    Naksh Hear This and Felt Bad 
    Dadi Told Manish That She will See Singhania’s 

    Naira called Naitik and She asked him to come quickly Naitik replied Yes I will
    Naksh came and Set Beside Naitik and When he Held his Hand He felt That Naitik has fever that 102 Degree He insist him to go to Doctor Naitik Denied That All will Get Tension Give me Some Medicine I will take rest so That I can meet Naira in Reception
    Dadi is shouting On all That I dnt need Any Advice This is Our function we Don’t Need any Fun
    Naira Who is Going down From Staircase and Correcting her Maang Tika Suwarna came and Corrected and Told Her That You Just Like Your Mother I can feel that You will correct everything here Naira Smiled and both came to downstairs 

    Ananya gayu Mishiti over Video All asked kartik That If You lost Game You have to listen to us and He Came with ongoing Video call to hall Where Naira and he have to Complete Some Rituals
    All males came too Naira and Aditya Saw Each other
    They Started Thali Rituals Where Dadi told That You have Sperate one plate from another without Making Any Sound and All cheers for naira 
    Naira completed Ritulas very gracefully Gayu and other who are Watching Over Videos Call Cheers for her
    Dadiji Also Praised and Give her Shagun and Explain This Rituals Meaning 
    Naitik Told something to gayu over Phone and Dadiji asked Whom are You Talking 
    Naitik Told Her and She Frowns
    Next Rituals Dadi Told That You have make Little Chhapati by Atta Without Using any Thing Dadi ji asked How You will Make
    Naira Told kartik to give his Hand and on His Hand She made Chappati all Impressed By Her and She Explained How This Rituals is Necessary for Us and How We have to face Everything Together
    Dadiji Praised Naira and Told That I Lost this Rituals also My all D-I-L too but You won You won my heart Too

    Next Ring Finding Rituals 
    Manish Cheers for Kartik and Both Stare each other
    Rituals Started and Kartik After a min Take out hand and Roses In His Hand And All Laughed 
    Than Naira Take Out hand With Ring in his Hand and All Cheers for Naira
    All teased Kartik That You have to Now Listen to Naira
    Kartik Replied That I always DO and Manish and Dadi Frown over this
    Gayu Told over Phone That See Told You That Naira will won
    Dadi ji Told Kartik to Swicth off phone so that You can foucs On Task
    Kartik said No But Naira Did Before Anything

    Next Rituals Devar Pitayi (Beating to Devar)
    Dadi Ji Told That Just A little Push by Tree’s Stick  and Both Kids Agree
    Chachaji Told That we Will Blind Fold Niara so That You can Run and have some fun
    Kartik told Naira to beat Kids hard They always came Between us
    Naira with Blindfold started Running and She Accidently beat Aditya By Stick
    She Opens Her Blindfold and Shocked To see The Scene all Are Shocked Too She said Sorry and Dadi ji came between and Told That all Rituals Over Males You can Go now Ladies will arrive Soon for Muh Dikhayi Rituals

    Manish Chachaji and Aditya Left But naitik came and asked Naira What Happens??
    Naira Replied That I am Tired He Insisted her to take Rest But She Said She is Okay 
    He asked her again Are You sure Coz I am going away to sleep call me if You need me

    Dadi Ordered Suwarna to Go and Do naira’s makeup and Dressup just like Goeka’s Daughter-in-Law
    Seeing so Much jewellery Naira Frowns and asked Dadi that cant see leave some But Dadi Said No She have to wear all
    Suwarna Started and Put All jewellery on her and in the End Dupptta and Dadi Told That Now You are Looking like Goeka’s Daughter-in-law

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