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  • Thursday, 30 March 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 30th March 2017 Episode 2353 Written Updates

    Episode Start With Kartik Told her That I was Scared That Our Marriage May Broke and After Yday Naira Stopped Him and Said Don’t Remember About Old Things Lets and We will Talk about Our Future Only Kartik agreed and Both Took a Selfie
    Naitik Is Watching Old pics and Remembering His Princess
    Naira is Roaming in Room and Kartik came and held Her
    Naira asked What are You Doing
    Kartik Told That This Is That Nashe wala Moment This Is Moment ??

    Naira asked Which Moment ??? Kartik teased : You should Have Understand This Moment 
    Kartik Hugged her But She Runs again
    Kartik Pushed her To wall and Said 
    Marriage’s Rule No 1 : No go Away Just Come Close Only
    Rule No 2 : No Blushing and If you wamt to fight..Fight in my Arms Only 
    And He Came Very Close and Then Kids shouted Naira Bhabhi and They Run to Room and They Started Singing songs For her 
    Kartik Annoyed and Sings Song In which he Told That You Are Disturbing me
    Naira Said That He is Tired That’s why 
    Kids Told Okay You go Sleep we will talk to Naira Bhabhi and They Sit with Naira and Kartik Sulks He about to make any Bhana but then Sister Mansi Kiti Other Came 
    Sulked Kartik Left and Signals Naira to do something 
    Naira Told Kids to go and Kirti told Naira to talk with Your Family member 
    Naira denied That She will cry 

    Sinhania House
    Naira Left Earphone for all members with Message That Don’t Cry for me  and Life will go On 
    She gave Special Message for Naksh That He Have to Handle Papa 

    Goeka Villa
    Naira is Sitting With Mansi and Kirthi Dadi came and Ask Ladies to leave her with naira 
    Dadi Seems Angry and She Started With That Marriage Completed After So Many Hurdels 
    But Its Finally happened But Not happy Ending Confused Naira asked What happened 
    DaDi Told Her That What You told to Aditya I Know Just You married and You have Started Creating Differences  Between us  You did this 2nd time 
    There In Your House You were Daughter But Here You are D-I-L and Be Like That Otherwise I know how To Do That 
    Naira replied That I Ddnt did anything wrong But Dadi Cutther off and Said I Dnt want to listen anything Naira about to Say Something But She Stopped Seeing Kartik at Door
    Kartik came and asked What Happened Dadi anything wrong ??
    Dadi Changed Topic but Kartik Insist But Dadi Told That I was teaching her Some Rules of house and She About to left
    Kartik Stopped her and Told Her That is Rules only for D-I-L Not For Jamai??
    Aditya Ji Ddnt came out for Room Is He Tired or anything Wrong 
    He told Dadi that Aditya became Arrogant Dadi Left

    Kartik Said Sorry To Naira But Naira Cut him off Kartik Told her to take Some rest 
    She Denied and Said I have To ready you Go out 
    Kartik falls on bed and Asked Why I go out its My Room too 

    Kirthi is Opening Thread and She Told to Chachiji that I have to cut Thread But Dadi Yelled No Don’t cut Thread and give her lecture  Same time Suwarna came and Suggest to Do Muh Dikhayi rasam Tomorrow Dadi retorted and Told That  Muh Dikhayi will be Today She is not special You go and Do Your work

    Naksh is Preparaing funny gifts for Naira But Badi Bua yelled Him That You will make Fun of All of us

    Kartik Ready and Asked Naira to come Quickly Drapped in Pink legenga Naira came and kartik ddnt take his Eyes off

    Precap : Angoothi Rasam and Bhabhi Beat devar Rasam and Naira Beat Aditya with Some stick accidently 

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