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  • Wednesday, 29 March 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 29th March 2017 Episode 2352 Written Updates

    Scene In car Dadji and Kirti and Aditya 

    Dadiji Thinks That We are Talking Lakshmi Home but Which Face is Waiting for us
    Chachaji in different Car Thinking about accident
    Manish and Suwarna in Car Thinking about Naira will Change Kartik’s Thinking towards Them
    Aditya Swear to Teach a lesson to Naira and Kirti is Thinking Same That Aditya will do Something
    So I will Go soon 
    Dadiji is Thinking That Naira Did So many Mistake and I will Control her By Myself

    Kartik Opens Eye his head in naira’s Lap Naira Wished Him Good Morning He Looks at Her and She Asked What are You Thinking He Said One of The best morning of My Life
    He Slowly Pull her Face Towards Himself and She Pulls Back Kartik Sat Up and Took two selfies One he Said For Happy Moment and Other For Any Bad or Good Moment 

    They Reached Goeka Villa

    Naira came Out from her Side and Saw the Name Plate “Goeka Villa”
    She remembers Her Old House She Thinks My House Now Kartik came and Hold Her Hand and Told Her “Before Going I promised That I will Bring You here Once Otherwise We will o to our World Our Flat “ Naira shocked To hear This Before She reacts Kids Came and Dadi came to took Both By herself and They Started walking Towards Entrance 
    They Stopped at Door and Naira looks around 
    Suwarna comes with Shagun Thaal Kartik’s face Suddenly Became Pale he Looks Towards Naira and Told Dadi That Do Rituals Just Like we DO Because me I don’t want To be Reason for Naira’s Un proper Welcome
    Suddenly all Smiles and Suwarna Did Aarti then Pallu Ritulas and Then Kalash Rituals and Suwarna Thinks I Know Naira will do All things Good
    Naira Thinks about How She 1st Enter in this House and Now They Put Kumkum Thaal before Her and She Put Her Feets in Dip and Comes out and Entered in House leaving Foot Sign Behind 

    Singhania House All ladies and Members Enterted in House But Naitik Stopped at Door He Thinks about old Times 
    Naksh came to Naitik and Told Him That I too don’t want to come Other make Them Understand That we have To start new Without Her

    Goeka Villa

    Naira Did Pooja and Offers aarti to Everyone and Both Takes Dadi’s Blessings 
    Naira Came alone To took Manish and Suwarna’s Blessing and Kartik came with Her Both Maish and Suwarna’s So happy They Blessed Her
    Then Next Turn Kirthi She Whispered something Kartik tease her By Saying You are Making Differences Between Sister Brother

    All decided to take Rest And Leave them Alone
    Naira Stunned Asked Kartik how Came I Alone with You
    Kartik teased her And Said That I have Did so Many Things To be with You and You are You don’t have anything for my Emotion then he Said We have so less Time Here Again Naira Stunned And Before She Could Say anything Kartik Holds her hand and They walked towards Room 
    She remembers when She came Back from Hrishikesh How Everyone met her
    Her Thoughts Broke by Kartik who lifted her in his arms and Said Now Room Enter Rituals By My way
    He Put her On  Her feet and asked Howz is Room and How You feel
    She Replied “Apna Sa”
    He Showed her One Panting of His Real mother and his 
    Naira Talked To Panting and Said I wish I could meet You but I need your blessing and I promise I will Keep your Son Happy

    Kartik teased and Said See Mom She Took you her side You wait I will come
    And He Came with Singhania’s Pic and He Joined Both Pic
    He talked to pic That Your Daughter promised to keep me happy Now I will promise To keep Your Daughter Happy She is Very Good How Many troubles We faced in Marriage Suddenly he Said After yesterday Naira’s face Pale and Kartik Think about Mansi did accident Talk with Chachaji

    Precap : Dadi Told Naira that I have listen What You told Aditya Naira tried To Say Something but Dadiji cut off her and Said I dnt want to listen Here You are D-I-L  

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