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  • Monday, 27 March 2017

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata hai 27th March 2017 Episode 2350 Written Updates

    Episode Start with Continuation from Naira and Naitik Emotional Talk

    Where Naitik Said That I have Become So Many other For You Now I am Became Father of Bride
    Naira Said That Papa Please tell me Any Story and Naitik Said Today I have only One Story of my princess and Naira Said Told Me That Story and She Told That If any moments We left we Will Live That
    NAksh is Emotional and her Nani came to console Him and Told him To Go and Live Some Moments with Naira and Let It Go
    Naksh again Run from There

    Preparation for Bidaayi Going on and Gayu Suddenly Started Crying and Shouted That I Don’t Want to pack her Things She wants to go Than Let her pack her things
    Other ladies Tried to Console her Naksh Saw this and Came To room wih Gifts
    Kartik’s Chachi came and Informed That Complete All things in 15 minutes We will leave after That
    Naksh Come to terrace to call Naira and Naitik and Saw Naitik Who’s Head in Naira’s Lap and Both Are Crying Naksh too got emotional Somehow told her to come Naitik Sat up and Told To Go Down All are waiting
    Both Give Her one Hand from right Naitik and Left By Naksh She Stood By Giving hand and Both leads Her
    They came Down and Mishti came and Hugged her Crying They emotionally recalled Their Moments
    And Told Each other How they Live Without each Other Gayu Too came and Hugged Crying
    Next She Came infront of Her Dadu and Nanu and Took Blessing
    Than To Badi Bua Sa She Hugged her and Badi Bua Told That You are now Their D-I-L and You have to proof Yourself and Stay Calm and She Gave her Blessing

    Than Naira Came to Bahabhi Ma(Badi Dadi) She Caresses her Cheeks and Said That For Saying Your Mayka and Sasural in one City But It all left behind Naira Said I will be There When You made Halwa
    Next With Devyani,Ananya and Other ladies and In The End She Came to Nani Who is Crying They recalled Moments When Akshra Said To Naira That if I wont be Around You Know where You have To Go Its Your Ma’s Maa Means Nani
    Naira Said That You have To Manage all People when I wont be there
    Than Naira Saw Akshra’s Pic She Somehow Went near that Photo Frame took in Hand And Hugged and Cried Hard and Told That Mumma Give me Your Blessing on My new Life
    Mishti Said That Only 5 minutes Left

    Precap : Naira In doli and Naitik and Naksh Gave Shoulder to Doli Kartik Behind the Doli

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